Special Delivery…

I have something really quite special to share here today.

Did you miss my writing over the past several days? This year, so far, I have written here some 384 times – that’s an average of a little more than one post a day. More posts than in any year since I started this blog in 2012, reflecting, I think, the enormous, brooding, threatening presence this year has had over all of our lives in many different ways. The year is not yet over and the next one promises little or no hope of any brighter days to come. So, for me to miss reporting the many – the great many – events, threats, traumas, little victories, looming dangers, that gather all around us, even for a single day, must mean that I have been otherwise occupied with something important (not that you should attach any greater importance to the things I do than they actually merit of course).

Several days ago now, an article was published – the product of many hundreds of hours (my estimate) of research, scripting, assembling, struggling of heart and mind, to bring it to a point of fruition where you and I, and all folk of an open mind, might benefit, learn of things new, or confirmation of things already known or suspected, to the betterment and enlightenment of both our self and our world view. To give credit where credit is due, I believe that these ideals were the sole motivations that drove the author to complete the work – which I now take pleasure in being able to offer, through this blog, a further opportunity for you dear reader to engage with for yourself.

You must not take this offer up lightly, for while I refer to it as an article, it is much more than that, and will require a determined effort on your part to fully engage with it. The website link to this work provides an estimate of from 74 – 147 minutes reading time but I have found that it took me much longer than that to digest the material over the past three days or so. The website also provides a downloadable PDF version, which I suggest serious readers would find useful – but only in a pdf-reader that provides for external online links to be followed. I can tell you that this pdf file extends to 61 pages of text, images, charts and diagrams, and contains literally hundreds of external online references. You need to know these things in order to commit the time it will take you to read it. I assure you that those who do will be fully rewarded for that commitment by the richness of the content it provides.

The author is described in the piece as:

Caren Black , MA, MEd
After over 4 decades in teaching and educational administration, and more years in small business consulting, music, dance, theater, writing (children’s musicals to education texts), and community and nonprofit activism, Caren now posts at TEOLAWKI Times  and raises chickens, ducks and sometimes awareness. She is website editor.

The article itself, and I have deliberately not offered any hints as to its content, announces itself (and its link) with the question: Another Failure of Imagination?


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