A Critical Moment in Time

This is VP Mike Pence’s moment in the sun.  The point-in-time event for which he was obviously born and sent into the world.  Is he up to it?  Will he make it count?

I wish I could pin some hope on that, but you never know.  I have often criticised Mr Pence as being something like a cardboard cut-out figure.  I hope he surprises me today.  America needs that.  The world needs that.  Otherwise all faith and trust in national leadership, anywhere, will be lost.  No need for conspiracy theories.  We will all know the game is up, and too bent to ever be straightened.  I could go on, but I think you know what I mean.

Read this article and hope that today becomes the start of something different.  Or at least the end of lying and deceit and manipulation and make-believe, and all the other low practices that governments and their agencies and those who drive them indulge in to blind us to what their real objectives are and what future they really have planned for us.  An end that has to be, because we will then know, without any doubt, the things they have been doing both in the past and in recent times.  All this will become clear and undeniable.

That’s something to hope for, isn’t it?  An end to manufactured problems. Will we then be able to deal with, or at least recognise, the real problems that face us.

I wish it were up to anyone else but Mike Pence,  but he is apparently the man on the spot at this unprecedented moment in time.  Perhaps the only person who can now turn over the corrupt 2020 election result.  I hope the man is actually aware of the importance of this day. His time to shine. His moment of glory. Surely someone would have told him, wouldn’t they?

“EXCLUSIVE: White House Memo Details How ‘Pence Card’ Can Save Trump’s Presidency On Dec 23” – NationalFile

Note: While the above piece was written in the early hours of December 24, Australian time, it would still have been December 23, US time. Well, as expected, he (Pence) apparently didn’t do a thing. Seems he missed his one chance at historical remembrance and is unlikely to get another.

People in the future, if there are any (people) and is any (future), are likely to say “Mike Pence? Who’s that?”



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