A Little Can Go A Long Way …Even To The Top

When you climb to the top of the tree and from that height piss on all the neighbours, you had better damn well make sure you stay there at the top, no matter what it takes.

Take for example the US.  Do I need to explain further?

With nauseating arrogance, that is exactly what the US has done over the second half of that last century – well, up to and including the pissing on neighbours part, that is.  Then they sat back and thought “Ok we’re here now.  Top of the tree.  Nobody is going to catch up with us.  Heck, we’ve got the biggest and baddest military in the world.  And our nearest enemy, Russia, is on the ropes and ready for the knockout punch.  Sit back and relax for a bit.  Dust off the laurels once in a while.  Oh, and keep up the pissing, so folks know who is boss.”

How wrong they were.  How arrogantly foolish.

In the last 20-30 years Russia has gotten itself off the ropes and by hard work and clear thinking (not to mention exquisite leadership) has turned things around economically, and on a budget that represents the smell of an oily rag in comparison to that of the US, has engineered itself to the top of a higher tree than the US in terms of military readiness and weapons capability.  In an unprecedented turnover of situations they have overtaken the US by a country mile.  What more is certain, is that they will never again allow the US to dominate the world as they have been accustomed to doing.

“Russia’s new Avangard missile is a nuke-ready hypersonic glide weapon, the Kremlin says” – Australia ABC News

I know I reported this in another post recently but this share is an Australian ABC report on the matter.  It is mostly a reasonable assessment if you ignore the expected Western media doubting of Russian claims (Russia has no reason to make false statements on its newest capabilities and it is foolish to assume they are doing so).  Even Pentagon sources admit their own current dilemma.   

Let’s just take this a little further.  The US has raised its military spending (already the highest in the world by far) for 2020 to some $989 billion (taking into account hidden spending), an amount that is equivalent to the military budgets of all other nations that have such a thing (about 21 countries don’t have a military) combined.  See: “US Military Budget, Its Components, Challenges, and Growth” – The Balance

As much as everyone else combined, huh?  I wonder how the millions of poor and struggling Americans feel about that?  I also wonder if that amount will ever get to be delivered giving what is currently at stake for the US economy in 2020?

Russia, meanwhile has dropped out of the top 5 spending nations next year with a $US equivalent of $47.55 billion, according to this recent report from Jane’s: “Russia sketches out spending plans for 2020–22” While that may represent an actual drop, it is I think, mostly due to continuing US efforts to undermine the Rouble against the US dollar through unjustified and pernicious sanctions. Not only that but also by soiling Russian prestige using bribes, threats, and other dubious efforts through governing bodies over which the US has more influence than should be permitted, to paint that nation as a sporting cheat.

How do they do it, the Russians, on such a small budget?  It is by any measure a remarkable achievement, and one of which they are justly proud.

Would you not think that a nation in America’s position would want to work its way into having friendly relations with such a successful nation?  A nation that is running rings around the US in many fields of endeavour, not just militarily, and at the same time making many friends with other nations rather than peeing on them from a great height.   

Of course you can’t do that if your only ambition in life is to be top dog.  It just won’t work. 

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