Scribbles On The Wall Of Time…

“Evidence of Absence”, whatever deep meaning that holds, is the title of James Howard Kunstler’s latest blog post.  Sometimes he chooses titles for his pieces that even more befuddle my already befuddled brain.  Nevertheless, the intention is clear, and a finer description of the state of the union that for the time being is America you would be hard pressed to find anywhere, as 2019 gurgles and whimpers its way down the plughole of time and one decade of decadence and destruction splutters to an end while another decade, of what sort we are yet to learn – though the writing I think is already being scribbled on the wall of future history – begins.

According to Jim, patience is required it seems, for things to play out, if they ever do.  Well, I for one want to see it all happen. And right quick.  The fate of the world, or at least a largish chunk of it, depends on how soon the US crumbles and fades into something a little more benign, ceasing to be the thorn in everybody’s side that it has been for a century now.

Maybe it won’t ever happen as it properly should, and I have factored that possibility into my thinking also, but something big is going down in the next 12 months, of that I am sure.  Something will break.  Something that will shatter the complacent world of corruption and inequity of 21st century humanity.  And since the US is still the most powerful economy (just) in the world (though akin to a leaky boat precariously floating on a sea of its own debt), it is likely to centre around that particular polarity and its impacts and relationships on and with the rest of the world.

I can’t see us needing to be patient for much longer.  What we will need to be, is ready.  Ready for disruptions to the norm, upheavals to our customs, alterations to our ways and changes to our patterns of life.

Flexibility.  Yes, I think that is a good word for what is needed to navigate our tomorrows.  For a world, happy enough or befuddled enough to cling to dream bubbles that are likely to be popped over the next little while, that does not augur well.  

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