America-Russia – A Study in Bad and Good

Things are looking up for the people of Raqqa province in Syria.  The Americans just left their last base a little away from Raqqa city (previous home of the ISIS caliphate until razed to the ground by US bombing and shelling in late 2017), leaving by the front door as the Russian Military Police entered by the back door.  Now things might get considerably better for the local folk.

The back-story to this bears repeating, again and again.  Here is just a little as described in this shared TASS article:

“The US-led international coalition launched its operation to liberate Raqqa in the fall of 2017. The US air strikes almost wiped the city off the face of the earth. In March 2018, the UN commission published a report according to which up to 13,000 civilian residents and just 1,000 terrorists were killed during the operation. The massive strikes by the coalition’s artillery and aviation destroyed 80% of dwellings in the city, including all educational and medical facilities, and almost all mosques.”

It is probable that the rebuilding of Raqqa can now begin.  Absolutely nothing has been done by the Americans since they destroyed the place two years ago, though wherever Syrian government forces have liberated areas, restoration has quickly followed and additional humanitarian assistance has been provided by Russia.  Even the bodies of many of the dead, covered by rubble, have not yet been removed from the ruins of Raqqa (Though I understand the Kurdish forces may have recovered some of them). So shameful. You can imagine why the US made their base well away from that city.  Around a quarter of a million people who fled the city from ISIS will need to return there at some stage. I expect to soon hear of rebuilding work there and some agreement between the Kurds and government to ensure that life is restored.

Good riddance to the destroyers. US foreign policy, I shit on it.

“Russian military police enter rear base in Syria’s Tal Samin as US forces leave” – TASS

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