At Last, Russia’s Help Requested…

I know that no-one much is interested (well the event is five and a half years old now) in the MH17 airliner crash over Ukraine in July 2014.  But I for one will not let the story die until the truth is observed – and the truth is that Russia had nothing to do with bringing that aircraft down.

Russia has always been prepared to cooperate with the enquiry and has in fact already provided compelling evidence to the JIT board.  Evidence which was summarily ignored because it didn’t fit the pre-conceived picture that was dictated to them and the findings they were expected to make.

So, what has changed?  Simple.  The JIT has requested cooperation from Russia for the first time in more than 5 years of investigation.  Now, I for one can see a potential trap here for Russia if it openly provides the information requested.  It is clear that the investigation is not above concocting and twisting information to suit its needs.  Russia is obviously aware of that risk but appears to be still prepared – as any honest party, with nothing to hide  would – to enter into the cooperation that it should have been allowed to provide in the first place.  We will, no doubt, see how that turns out, eventually.

Giving the JIT the benefit of the doubt as to their impartiality, one is still left wondering what reasons they could have for a possible change of heart in the matter?

I am not going to make my own allegations as to where responsibility for the MH17 event lies here, having already done so on numerous previous occasions, but I am determined to stamp on any false conclusions that may emerge.

“Russia ready to share all info required by MH17 crash investigators as Netherlands now seeks Moscow’s help” – RT

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