Change IS Coming…

What is “bargain shopping”?

Well Jim Kunstler’s definition, which I really like, is:

“…we have sent the factories to distant lands and eliminated your jobs, and all the meaning and purpose in your lives — and cheap stuff from Asia is your consolation prize. Enjoy…”

I also love it when he gets all ‘homey’, like in today’s blog: “Christmas in Flyover Land”

This is one for the memory books, and you could call it his ‘state of the nation address’ for the dying days of 2019, it’s that good.

There are lots of other things I could and would dearly like to quote, but read it for yourself.

…and don’t forget, change IS coming, perhaps beginning – in Jim’s words –

“…as soon as the next two weeks — as not a few observers have predicted — in the form of a gross financial dislocation.”


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