US “Power Projection” Based on a Platform of “Geopolitical Irrelevancy”

That US “power projection” is now based on a platform of “geopolitical irrelevancy” is, I think, obvious – at least to all those who form their own views rather than accepting the programmed ‘groupthink’. And that is, I believe, how the world should be viewing the upcoming June 16 meeting between US President Joe Biden and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

But before that ‘summit’ arrives, in order to view it from the proper angle, equipped with the latest information, we should examine recent developments on the geopolitical stage. In particular, SPIEF, the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, held very successfully last week in, well, have a guess.  Contrast that to the G7, NATO and US-EU summits to take place during the next 8 days and then combine the results learned to estimate for yourself what might be the content and range of possible outcomes from the meeting of presidents a day later.  Who said homework couldn’t be fun?

My first statement of this post mirrors what Pepe Escobar proclaims at the end of this enlightening article… “How St. Petersburg is mapping the Eurasian Century” – Pepe Escobar.  If the article is still behind a paywall, you can also view it here, for free: “How St. Petersburg is mapping the Eurasian Century” – The Saker blog.

SPIEF this year has taken place only a few days before the G7, NATO and US-EU summits – which will graphically highlight European geopolitical irrelevancy, reduced to the status of a platform for US power projection.

Quote from linked article

Pepe outlines in this article some of what he terms the “finer points of what’s happening on the ground in Russia and across Eurasia”.  This is essential reading for a broader understanding of what is increasingly being termed ‘The Eurasian Century’.  It seems we have moved on from what I, some time ago, expressed as the ‘Westward March of Empire’, meaning the predominant ‘Empire’ iconography is in the process of jumping from the Western nations led by the US, across the adjoining ocean to rest with the Asian nation of China (will China come to be viewed as ‘Eurasian at some stage, or is it already that?) and the already Eurasian nation of Russia.  Both of which are undoubtedly emerging as potential potentatorial (in the manner of potentates – I may have just invented that word) candidates.  Except for one thing. 

Disregarding the laxity of the US to peacefully and gracefully hand over the baton – they will soon have little choice in the matter as their power further degrades and collapses – but, in truth, it seems that neither Russia nor China has any designs on ‘ruling the world‘ in the fanatical and unseemly desperate manner that the US has pursued that goal over chiefly the past century or more.

Russia and China seemingly wish to act cooperatively (gasp!!) with other nations for mutual benefit and prosperity – such as may be expected to be rather difficult to either attain or maintain for anyone at all, in the generally rough conditions that will prevail over the next century and more than likely for far longer than that as we all enter the unknown ferocity of a disturbed global climate.

Anyway, I have waffled on for long enough – enjoyable as I find that to be – the important thing is for you to read what Pepe Escobar says. If you haven’t already done so, please do.

Job done.

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