Leading Democracy

It is a question that constantly baffles me.  Why do leading democracies, so-called, accept and follow the leadership of the US?  It doesn’t make any sense, unless of course they are all tarred with the same brush.  And I don’t think that is true.  Many of these nations from time to time make their own independent assessments of geopolitical situations, but all, in the end, defer to the US position and, just as in the latest G7 and NATO summits, form what appears to be, at least on the surface, a united front.  Is that out of fear, or what? 

On this subject, I am sharing and acknowledge the truth of the article linked below from Global Research, in all respects except one.

I cannot agree with the second point in the authors list of indicators that the US is “a country that is, in many ways, an undemocratic outlier rather than a leader among democratic nations“.  All the other reasons are valid in my view but this one will soon prove to be inaccurate and these authors along with many others who have taken the same line, will need to backpedal on this point  

Not that I want to see Trump back in power.  He proved to be just as destructive as Clinton would have been – though in different ways.  At least we are all still here, and breathing (for the most part).  But he was never in receipt of the kind of support that a president ought to be able to expect from the bureaucracy of government for what he initially set out to achieve. and he was fraudulently robbed of a fair and honest election.  That injustice has not so far been paid for, but events are shaping up to ensure that redress for those illicit and illegal actions will occur soon.  It will of course most likely split America, perhaps into several unique fragments.  But that can only be a good thing and possibly render any further thought of US being a leader among democracies writhing somewhere in the dust and ensuring that no such repeat performance will again be possible.

But in the meantime we must contend with the situation we are confronted with today.

“Why Democracies in G7 and NATO Should Reject U.S. Leadership” – Global Research, June 15, 2021

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