Leading Democracy

It is a question that constantly baffles me.  Why do leading democracies, so-called, accept and follow the leadership of the US?  It doesn't make any sense, unless of course they are all tarred with the same brush.  And I don't think that is true.  Many of these nations from time to time make their own... Continue Reading →

Allegations of Interference

I'm sick and tired of Americans yowling and whining about political and commercial interference in their affairs when the US is, without peer, the doyen of external political, commercial, and also military interference in the affairs of other countries - not just individual countries but now worldwide.  This now established pattern began, as far as... Continue Reading →

A Taster of What is to Come?

A few days ago I read the article reproduced in full below, a piece written by CJ Hopkins and published by The Consent Factory. I wasn't quite sure if I should make a feature of sharing it but having gotten a few of my own thoughts off my chest in my previous post yesterday, and... Continue Reading →

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