Allegations of Interference

I’m sick and tired of Americans yowling and whining about political and commercial interference in their affairs when the US is, without peer, the doyen of external political, commercial, and also military interference in the affairs of other countries – not just individual countries but now worldwide. 

This now established pattern began, as far as I can ascertain, more than 200 years ago – as soon as Americans realised there were actually countries outside America which, since they were not America (not to mention the fact that these countries may have things of value which if stolen could greatly enrich America), needed to be subjugated in case they became a threat to America – with actions in Chile (1811), even before the expansionism of the mid 19th century Mexican wars.  And such actions included both China (Boxer rebellion – 1899-1901) and two abortive invasions of Russia in 1918.

So, if some of these countries have acted at some stage against the interests of America, then this is only just retaliation for injustices suffered.  Americans, suck it up princesses, you are only getting some of your own back.  And since no modern day evidence of recent foreign interference in US affairs has ever been offered, I suspect because largely there is none, making any such allegations is action bordering on paranoia.

There is nothing special about America, neither might nor merit, which gives that nation the right to any kind of interference outside its own borders or to expand those borders either physically or by proxy imposition of American rule or values in any other nation.  Of course those same principles apply equally to all nations.

I am convinced, or at least I am not convinced otherwise, that any allegations of Chinese (or Russian) interference in the recent 2020 election processes are totally unfounded and merely a means of deflecting blame away from the real culprits who projected “the largest lie ever perpetrated on the world” – which you may read about in the linked article…

Proof That the US November Election Was Stolen Exists in Abundance – Paul Craig Roberts

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