WHO – No Friend to Mankind

It appears that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is not the benign, user friendly organisation we are led to believe it to be. It is not a friend to mankind and especially not to the female (womankind?) half of the human entity.

Let me make a statement of openness here. I have not and will not be accepting of a vaccination against the currently global pestilence of coronavirus. I will soon be 76 years of age. I have never has a flu shot – nor have I, in the last three decades or more, suffered a bout of flu, or even the common cold. Authorities would have to tie me down to give me a COVID shot, and even then I would be fighting against it, unless perhaps it were a Russian made Sputnik V vaccine the only one in which I would place any degree of trust. Let me also say that I am not entirely against vaccines. I have in the past received many vaccine shots, especially during my military career and subsequently such things as tetanus shots – which brings me to the point…

If I were a woman, which I am not, and knowing what I now have learned, I would be very cagey about accepting any vaccines under WHO administration – especially ones that are designated as specifically for women. It appears that devious anti-fertility schemes are and have for some years been in operation as means of limiting population growth – and tetanus shots are one of the delivery vehicles for the program. Don’t worry, male anti-fertility programs are also under development. Obviously, GMOs and the general degradation of environmental factors – resulting in low grade and substitute foodstuffs – are not acting quickly enough to solve the problem.

Before I introduce the evidence, let me make a related point. I have long intimated that population growth is one of the world’s major problems. I often use the old analogy, which still fits, of the planet being like a petrie dish as used in biological experiments on bacteria. We being the bacteria, growing at any rate – no matter how small – will, just like the bacteria, eventually grow to a level where we consume all of the media (bacteria food) in the dish and at that point cease to exist. It is as simple as that. Who (not WHO) knows just how close we are to that point right now? Will it be at 8 billion (less than 2 years away), or 9 billion (11 years or so after that), or at some later point?

Based on that analogy, there is no other natural factor (other than the low risk of some external cosmological event or the inevitable and eventual climate related environmental degradation, or an indisputably real and virulent pandemic, or some non-natural human accident/act-of-madness) which could possibly stem the growth of humanity infesting this planet and divesting it of all other edible life. If we accept that as fact, and I do, then it has to be asked, why does the UN believe, or at least project for our gullible consumption, that global population will now begin to fall away to something like zero growth by the end of this century? It doesn’t make any sense to believe that. Unless there is some other plan of intervention in the field of human fertility under way which will by unnatural means ensure the population ceases to grow.

Is that such a bad thing, you may ask? Well, no, not really. It would ensure that at least we may have some little extra time to exist as a species. Unless, of course, you, being a human of free will, want to have babies but can’t because either you or your partner’s bodies have been made infertile without your express permission. What does that make you? It makes you into a consumer with a limited lifespan but no prospect of continuation of your lifeline. And eventually the global population would begin to shrink, not just remain steady. But what if that is the plan? What if the world actually needs fewer people because all the work is being done by robots or some such, and the remaining people – other than the few corporate elites who devised the scheme (which they called the Great Reset or the Green New Deal) and still retained the necessary fertility themselves to reproduce elite children – [that was a long insertion so I will repeat the previous last few words] what if the remaining people, the ordinary people, people like you and I, were only required as passive and dispensable consumers? And what if the projected consumer requirement (as I myself – and others – have separately projected the actual safe population level to be) is set at something less than 1 billion people in total – and with this plan could be maintained at that level?

Well, let me tell you (though I would never envisage the achievement of such a scheme, by such means), such a plan is in full swing right now. My own vision of the same achievement is that the 1 billion humans level is the likely outcome of any of the natural or man-made disasters expected to afflict our planet over the next several decades, and well before the end of this century. If we are to survive at all as a species, that has to occur. But the engineering of such an outcome by a group of demented corporate elites is entirely abhorrent and should be fought against with determination and courage.

Now, I have said what I wanted to say. Here, in this linked article is the proof of statements made above. Beware the WHO …and the UN for that matter …but most of all beware the rise in influence of the giant corporates and their diabolical Reset plans, which are driving this.

A Cautionary Tale About the WHO By Larry Romanoff Moon of Shanghai, May 10, 2020

While much of this information is not recent it is still current, and highlights just how long these plans have been in preparation. Here is one of the links from the Romanoff post:

Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug. International / developing countries – US National Institutes of Health

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