A man whom a blind girl wanted to touch…

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a man fit in every way to lead one of the great nations of our planet. A man whom a blind girl wanted to touch. Not a man who touches girls (and women in general) inappropriately – as someone else I could name, also a leader, tends to do.

I won’t go on about this, although I could – see and hear for yourself in this YouTube video which was recorded in 2018.

Two years later, December 2020, they spoke again over a video link:

There are many such touching stories. One more tells of a young boy from Sevastopol * – largest city of Crimea, which returned to its true home in the Russian Motherland in 2014. See the story here:

*Added later: I made a mistake. The boy is from Stavropol region, not Sevastopol. Sorry.

Is there any wonder the people of Russia and many non-Russians around the world, including myself, love and respect this man – in spite of the cruel lies told about him by Western media and jealous individuals from many walks of life who do not command the same attention and devotion he receives. It is not something to be wondered at, merely accepted as something to be expected.

Long may he remain at his post in health and strength. The world needs him there to counter the forces of evil-doers elsewhere.

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