June 16, 2021 – Just Another Forgettable Date In Human History

A couple of days ago I asked the question Will Wednesday June 16 Be Another “Wake Up World” Moment?

In the event it turned out to be more of a snooze-fest. I guess this could always have been expected, with one of the conversationalists at the main event needing constant reminders for “who am I?”, “what am I doing here?”, “I’m gonna lose track here”, in between the frequent nods-off (those are not quotes of the day of course, or are they? – we may never know).

One thing the conversation revealed – even the simple fact that there was such a conversation – is that Russia has been “restored to great power status”. Though I think most of the world already knew that, it was confirmed verbally by Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, Heather Conley after the meeting. The shine quickly removed from her words by the unnecessary addition of “as a ‘worthy adversary’”, which serves as a reminder of just where the mental attitude of the US is still truly and firmly platformed.

Other tidbits of vocal ideology coming from Ms Conly being the construction of “‘guardrails’ around the most problematic areas” forming “redlines” for the Kremlin to decide to “test” and for seeing “the US proceed with ‘devastating consequences.’”. Do these people not see the hilarity their words invoke? Are they not aware that no-one in the world, and especially not Russia, is any longer cowed or disturbed by any US threats of ‘devastating consequences’?

Are they all ‘sleepy Joes’?

Anyway, it is not – as Mr Biden tried to hint – for Mr Putin to “change his behaviour”, but for America to change its attitude – and grow up to be a little more adult in its relationships with the world.

But since that is not going to happen and, now that all the hot air has evaporated, little is left to show that anything worthy of note occurred to make this more than just another forgettable date in human history.

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