All Done With COVID

I am all done with COVID – even though it is still, for some unknown reason, occupying a major portion of what passes for ‘News’ these days. 

I will not be posting about the pandemic any more, unless something exciting occurs, like a huge number of people dying. Mostly the vaccinated of course – and it would have to be in the millions to make it noteworthy.  Serve them right for putting trust in a corrupt system – although for many it will have been a case of them being unknowingly taken advantage of (which is unforgivable).  And I am sure such deaths will occur, just maybe not all at once, but certainly over the next few years – if we are all still here to see it, which is by no means certain.

As a last reminder, I made the image below, reflecting an idea I found today on the Andrei Martyanov blog (where you will find very many interesting things to read), because the only available version (that I know of) of a Kubler-Ross style ‘Five Stages of Grief’ for COVID times, is to be found there and it is in Russian. I have no means of determining who the originator of that image was/is.

‘On a Lighter Note’ – Andrei Martyanov Blog

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