Mankind In Paralysis. Who Rises to the Challenge? Will the Paralysis Be Terminal?

If we were to view the human collective as a planetary society of nation states, both large and small, and with a variety of intermediate stages or levels, then putting ‘size’ aside for the moment, there are a number of other divisions in which we could categorise those society members. ‘Size’ itself can be split categorically in numerous ways. For example – land area, population count, resource holdings, wealth, military strength, etc., which would possibly all result in similarly ordered listings for the most part, with not too much shuffling of positions. But by stepping size and its associated attributes into the background, we are then free to look deeper into more diverse variables, more qualitatively oriented, more ideological, more characteristic, more how individual states interact and react with others, in terms of friendliness, cooperation, popularity maybe, which ones engender such things as fear, or which garner respect. Those are things which might prove interesting to know – forming an ongoing picture of change and fluctuation. And these are also things (let’s find a better word than ‘things’, maybe ‘discovery patterns’) which should, in theory, perform a levelling or ‘equalising’ effect, more based on similarities rather then differences. Conditional, that is, on our ability to rise inclusively above matters of race, belief system, culture (tradition), and historical background.

[You can probably tell this is not my field of expertise – not that I have one, professionally, in any sphere these days. I don’t know the right ‘language’ to use here. I’m just mulling over ideas. Hopefully someone more in touch with the situation is already engaged in that process]

All of the above is simply to acknowledge that currently, and we are now half way through 2021, the future is looking anything but bright for any nation of humanity, and we can clearly see from our past that there has never been a period of our history where we did in fact get anything right in the field of human cooperative endeavour, and none of us are operating on a basis of sound logical principles right now. If we were, if we ever had been doing that, we would not be in the precarious position of helpless, clueless, paralysed gridlock, where major sections of our global community cannot even agree that our current situation is in fact Dire – with a capital ‘D’. We are, all of us, our own worst enemy. In fact each of us is our only enemy – because we are all doing the same thing. We simply can’t think outside the square of looking after OURselves first, that which is OURs second, OUR small group third, and OUR major group fourth. OURS, US, MINE, ME, is our total personal world. That is OK for you and me. We can each look after our own ‘Me and Mine’ world …until we bump into each other. We may even find that our ‘Me, Mine, US’ world is so similar that we can actually form an ‘US’ world and mostly get along fine together …until I want something of yours or you want something of mine. We may even meet many others and form an ‘OURS’ world. Eventually, there will become many ‘OURS’ worlds as we bump into different folks, and with 8 billion ‘Me and Mine’ worlds milling around in the same space as your original ‘Me and Mine’ world, and goodness knows how many ‘Us’ or ‘OURS’ worlds are formed from that, it becomes perfectly clear how we ended up with huge mess of separate ‘Teams’ that we have today – all competing for who has the largest or more powerful group that can take whatever they like from certain others to make their own personal world’s even bigger and more powerful. Does that not describe, in simple terms, the plight of humanity and why we are now powerless to stop what we long ago began? Actually even powerless to now prevent our own ultimate downfall and self-destruction – now that we know how, and have amassed the means, to kiss ourselves off from the face of the planet in a very short space of time?

OK, I have painted a bleak and dark picture. Is it really that bad? Well, yes, it largely is that bad, because there are a number of other factors which are completely external to any human considerations that I have not included in this model. Factors that a paralysed humanity, or even a holistically healthy and completely sane humanity, would now be powerless to prevent. Of course a holistically healthy and completely sane humanity would never have gotten itself into this position in the first place.

The best we can hope for, and there can be no guarantee on this, is that some of us may be willing to work together cooperatively outside their own ‘OURS’ worlds to free up some of that paralysis and, with joint efforts, make the best of what we have left to ensure (that’s too strong a word in this context – ‘attempt facilitation’ is a better alternative) that as many as possible of their combined ‘OURS’ worlds (bugger the rest – they can do their own thing or perhaps join in with the new effort – assuming they can un-paralyse themselves and cooperate as equals) have the best possible opportunity to make it through whatever it is that we must soon face [and while we can speculate on various possibilities, none of us yet knows exactly what or how severe that may be, or for how long it will persist. We simply know that it will mark the absolute end of the current civilisation and possibly the entire human species – maybe alongside all other living matter on Earth as well].

From a dark image then, I have now opened a chink of light, faint as it may be.

I can give an example of what I mean – at some basic level.

The Russian Federation, in the three decades of its Phoenix-like rising from the flames of another ruined ‘OURS’ world to become one of the greatest ‘OURS’ worlds on the world stage today, has demonstrated great courage and a grasp of what it means to be human in the way it operates among the ‘OURS’ worlds of other groupings of humans. Russia is not the only such exemplar of course. There is also China, and in the MENA context Iran has also been helping out others in the region against the forces of paralysis (again while building its own ‘OURS’ world).

None of those examples of course fully describe what I was talking about, in any other context than basics, but they do demonstrate the right attitude. By assisting others while at the same time building their own world, they are decreasing the global paralysis – which is a necessary first step. The rest, the reciprocal joint effort, which is not yet demonstrated anywhere, as far as I can see, to prepare appropriately for future conditions, will come later – hopefully in time to be effective. But there is much to do before that can take place, and there are persistent ‘OURS’ worlds still operating out there to continue the paralysis of much of the world. Do I need to name them? Think who opposes the efforts of those three nations I mentioned earlier. Therein lies the answer.

There are other examples of action that is in no way associated with anything I have talked about here. It is distasteful and I don’t really want to talk about it. I will just say that the proponents of a so-called ‘Global Reset’ of the type being proposed by totally self-centred, obscenely rich, hateful beings, whether under the WEF banner or elsewhere, are nothing but paralysis vendors who bear no goodwill toward any of mankind other than themselves – theirs is the most evil of the ‘OURS’ worlds yet, or ever, devised by man.

Phil Butler has written about Russia’s efforts towards cooperatively saving something of human life in a part of the world others have raped and vandalised for centuries, in a piece well worth reading from New Eastern Outlook.

‘The Tables Turn In Africa As Russia Masters Detente’ – Phil Butler for New Eastern Outlook

As a spur to motivating you to read it, here is a single paragraph from the article, which caught my attention…

Western mainstream media tends to parrot US State Department worries Russia is primarily in the arms and security business in Africa. Every media outlet from London to New York harps on every arms sale Russia makes, and there’s never mention of deals like the huge 1,300 railcar deal worth over 1 billion euro with Egypt. Western analysts also fail to mention that the primary exports of Russian companies to Africa industries are in agriculture, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, timber industry, and metallurgical. All the rhetoric, the overwhelming narrative is Cold War II bombastic. And if you read these think tank reports, you cannot help but take notice of the Machiavellian tone western analysts take. In the Yade report at Atlantic Council, the author goes so far as to advise the Biden administration to make use of African American citizens as “assets.” You read correctly.

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