Game Changer

Vladimir Putin – the necessary catalyst for defeating ISIS.


So far, the US, NATO and their allies have only been playing the game. Using mainly rhetoric and having no real interest in inflicting defeat on these monsters.  It is all about the oil of course.  It always is.  Always will be, at least for the short time that is left for us to keep drilling.

Well, now, the picture has changed.  Thanks to Vlad.

This post inspired by: BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

A little off-topic but this YouTube video adequately demonstrates how ‘right’ Mr Putin is, and how ‘wrong’ the Western projected image of him is.  Somehow, that image has to be corrected and Russia’s rightful place in world affairs established.  Otherwise we face the dire prospect of becoming a US dominated prison planet, living under a totalitarian regime. That is the known and stated aim of the United States – World Domination. You only have to look at the situation in their own backyard to see that as plain as day. Would you want to live there?

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