Surprise! Surprise!

This post was inspired by : BP proposal to drill exploration wells in Great Australian Bight rejected


Photo: The regulator was not satisfied that BP’s environment plan met all of the regulatory requirements. (Bill Griffiths)

Well, there’s a nice surprise.  Those mega-corporations are no longer supremely unbeatable and they don’t, increasingly often, always get their way.

Just another sign the days of oil (and coal) are nearly over.  Come that day.

A growing number of voices are calling for that now but I am not sure that all or maybe any of them fully understand just what that would mean for their lifestyles.  No worries, we will adjust and get used to it

…and when the dust has settled, we will look back on the 20th and early 21st centuries and the crazy lifestyles we engineered for ourselves, or the few of us that are left will, and realise what a bunch of idiots we were back then.

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