Too Much Turkish Delight


It is often exceedingly difficult to cut through the sugary coating surrounding the reporting of events that ever more frequently (and there is a reason for that) take place around our troubled world.  Basically, before you sink your teeth into the Turkish Delight that the mainstream news media presents to us, you need to take it apart, dissect it, and separate out the truth from the fiction.  In the latest case, involving Turkey and Russia, those touchy traitorous Turks who cooked up the recipe should not be trusted at all (and not only because they are associated with NATO, though that by itself would be enough reason).  This delicacy contains hidden ingredients (and agendas) and some of them are anything but sweet or savoury.

This article by Juan Cole from Informed Comment (and this and this and this) give many reasons why Turkey is in league with and supporting ISIS, and therefore, by association, so is the US, NATO, the EU and all their western allies, all of whom are responsible for creating and sustaining that particularly unpalatable bunch of cutthroats and murderers while pretending and loudly proclaiming, through song and dance, to be trying to rid the world of them.

This complete Vaudeville farce is entirely (well mainly, and I will complete the picture shortly) of course, to do with the oil that ISIS now controls.  It is always about the oil.  I don’t hear anyone asking  “who is buying the ISIS oil?”   Well the answer is here (in these articles), and it is clear.  So, what caused the upset?  That is also very clear.  This matter only came to a head after Russia concentrated its efforts to blow up the oil tankers to cut off the money supply from this trade to ISIS, and by doing so, the supply also of oil to Turkey (and probably to some of its mates as well) .  The US is making a big deal of how they will now start to destroy the oil tankers as well (or will pretend to do that, with I suspect the same level of success as they have had in their other endeavors to stop ISIS so far).  Why, I wonder, have they only thought of doing this just now?

So, if oil is the main hidden ingredient, what is the rest?   The suppression of Russia, the biggest threat, impediment, or block, to the goals of the West (well, just the US really) – complete control of world affairs.

What these article say (which you will not read or hear about from mainstream news media) is very useful information to know, since it provides background information as to why Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft the other day.  An aircraft which was arguably never violating, or perhaps at most was only marginally violating for the very briefest of time, Turkish airspace. This action is especially hypocritical while Turkey violates Greek airspace at least 40 times every day.

The Russians are being commendably accommodating (at least on the surface) of this hot-headed action by the Turks, because they know that it is just a small part of the whole picture and the bigger picture is the one that matters. They also know that they can easily cripple the Turkish economy, which is very reliant on Russian trade, if they want to, without having to resort to the same sort of violence, which would be in nobody’s interests.

You can guess who is behind it all of course.  As usual, it is the Americans, with their devilish CIA operated schemes, lurking behind the scenes and fomenting trouble wherever it might possibly benefit their agenda to achieve world domination.

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