A Golden Moment (for me)

This will be a short post, but one that I want to share.

I go on merrily posting on my Facebook timeline, as I have done now for several years, (not necessary to go there as it mainly contains, recently at least, workups for posts that I want to repeat on this blog), never worrying about who reads my work and not looking for comments or likes and rarely attracting either in any case.  That’s not the reason why I do it.

But, one of my comments on another Facebook page has gone viral.  Well, relatively speaking.  When you consider that my average number of likes is something around 0.137 per post (I made that up, but it is not far out), then when I find that I have achieved 7 likes and 2 replies it is something of a golden moment.  One which I wish to share.

A guy called Don Freeman who appears to want people to join him in being, I’m not sure what, posted a picture with the message “YOU CAN’T CONTROL A PERSON WHO WANTS NOTHING”, and asked for people who agree, to join his page.

Here is a picture of my reply.  See what you think.  And here’s the link, in case you want to see what else he says.

Wanting Nothing

3 thoughts on “A Golden Moment (for me)

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  1. I can’t follow the link to DF’s page because I don’t do FB, but your comments are spot on. We can’t escape wants in this society. No-one can be truly self-reliant. Ecologically we are a group species and couldn’t survive as individuals. The only way I can escape the prison of industrial civilisation is by dying (and even in that, others can control how it happens), but I can take back some of my freedom by providing my own food and reducing other wants. That’s all any of us can hope for.

  2. Oh, and BTW, I clicked the like button on your post. I have never, ever clicked a like button before, anywhere, but gotta help boost that average somehow. 😉

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