Another ‘Major Offensive’ By Ukraine?

‘Ukrainian 200-strong combat group crushed in attempted advance to Kremennaya, LPR reports’ – TASS

So… Was I right, or, was I right? Read again what I said yesterday.

It’s as though this action was kind of rehearsed and enacted just to prove my point. Or maybe their moves are simply ‘predictable’.

I think we have already seen the last of the ‘major offensives’ by Ukraine. In fact, was there ever one? A brigade size operation, 10 to 15 times the size of yesterday’s performance might just squeeze into the definition of an ‘offensive’ move, but could it be called ‘major’? I don’t think so. In order to be considered a ‘major’ offensive it would have to be carried out by at least a division (generally a formation of three brigades plus ancillary and support units), perhaps 10,000 well equipped, well trained, well prepared soldiers with many thousands more acting as reserves and forming the supply channels for those soldier’s advances. Even more realistically, the force would consist of several such divisions formed as an army group, perhaps around 50,000 active soldiers given a specific objective to achieve. A similar number of troops or even several hundred thousand lightly trained and equipped ‘territorial’ forces, backed by a few armoured units and ordered to hold a front line of several hundred kilometres, with occasional testing prods in certain places (which now fairly well describes the Ukraine military profile), does not fulfil the concept of a ‘major’ offensive force.

I’m fairly certain that NATO, separately or combined, could not field such a force in any single combat arena anywhere along its borders and be ready to fight effectively today (no matter what they may claim). And 4,700 (not realistically increasing to 300,000) crack airborne troops in no way count as such either. Maybe there is not a single other nation which could do that, other than Russia or China – their armed forces untouched and effectively trained in combined arms warfare both singularly and together, rather than being spread and wasted in futile foreign exploits of dubious value and unethical intent. And they are the only two nations equipped with unbeatable high precision offensive weapons of superior quality to any other nation and the air defence to render their forces safe (not absolute, but relative) from any such external attack.

It is becoming tiresome to keep reporting on this vital but boring conflict, so unnecessary but for being forced on the world by a few arrogant, heartless, mindless western psychos (can’t someone close to them put a stop to it?). There are so many other important issues we should be concentrating on, like the building of a realistic world model for peaceful cooperation – where psychos will still inevitably arise, but their capacity to harm will (hopefully) be nullified and contained.

Some of those hopes may be realised after the US Mid-Terms on November 8, the results of which may trigger unsightly unrest in that country and precipitate much needed changes more generally within the arena of western confusion.

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