“Play Stupid Games; Win Stupid Prizes”

This is a story about a really dumb Australian Nazi or Nazi Sympathiser called Trevor Kildal(direct translation from I think Ukrainian and probably meant to be ‘Kendall’), from Queensland, who thought it would be a good idea, or some kind of patriotic shit, for him to go to Ukraine as a mercenary to fight and kill Russians (mostly civilians I expect, which is what the nazi units specialise in over there). He became a member of the nazi Sich Battalion, sometimes known as the Carpathian Sich. Actually he was assigned to a company size unit of nazi cutthroats, known as the Third Hundred, in which he was assigned the role of sniper. He apparently arrived there only recently, serving – if that’s the right word – in the Kharkov region (amusingly translated in the video as ‘hack of fridge’). He was wounded in July, patched up and returned to the front in September. He took part in the Izium offensive and it is reported on November 2nd he was killed. So now he’s dead. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. And all for one of the most evil causes known to man on behalf of the most evil nation on earth the USA and its shop front of inhuman crooks and lunatics, NATO, and their lost cause, for ever changed and perhaps destined to disappear entirely, the rump nation – Ukraine.

Stupid Bastard. Or someone’s unlucky chump.

I don’t know how many people know of the Aussie Cossack (Note: that may be a very biased narrative and I have not read it all, but it does give a lot of useful information – just treat what it says with care. I hope I don’t regret including it here).

He is becoming quite well known here in Australia for his pro-Russia stance and anti-government, anti-police, activities, for which he was jailed for two months recently on trumped up charges and released just a few weeks ago, immediately recommencing his war on the west. I like the guy, although I do admit he comes across as a bit of a ‘wide-boy’ or ‘used car salesman’ – but that could just be his demeanour or character flair. He certainly knows how to make his local police look really silly and/or powerless. I don’t care, let me add, if Mr and Mrs Cossack are working for a foreign agency, interfering in Australian affairs, or not. Australia needs its affairs interfered with since it cannot manage them by itself – at least not in the interests of its people. And it is not as though Australia does not interfere in the affairs of other nations on behalf of its own mentors. All’s fair in love and war, as they say. And Australia badly needs folk like the Aussie Cossack to stir things up and to show up the nefarious ways of its government, the ruling establishment, and diabolical foreign mentorship by the most evil of nations and organisations. This is a vital component of life in the 2st century – until at least the new Russia-China led world order of peace and cooperation dawns across the globe and western hegemon is laid to rest – along with its mercenaries.

So, let this be a warning to any other budding nazis in Australia. Fighting Russia is a game you cannot win. US/NATO is slowly coming to terms with that. If you go to Ukraine you will end up dead, and with nothing worthwhile to show for your effort. You will probably never see Russian soldiers, unless by some fluke of fate you are captured as a wounded casualty and still capable of restored life. In which case you will be looked after, fed, made well, and at some point you will be executed as a terrorist.

Incidentally, this YouTube video comes with subtitles in Russian, which has offset the sound from the image a little. This can be corrected via the cogwheel, bottom right and selecting ‘English (Auto generated)’ for the best viewing experience – or whatever other language you care to select.

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