Australia, Showing Signs of Life

There is still some life left in Australia. Something of the anti-colonial spirit. Something of the great ‘Eureka’ fighting attitude against oppressive and constrictive government. Not to mention, poorly advised, ill-fittingly aligned, and weakly led government (and I am not just talking about the current one).

All I want to do today is to show you some of that in action, from the YouTube channel of the Aussie Cossack. I’m not sure all this activity is directed in the right direction or against the real issues, but it is there, and it is a start. And it will hopefully grow from here. Australians are a parochial lot, thinking more of their local issues rather than seeing the big picture, but isn’t that the way of all western folk? And perhaps the way of all human folk. “What affects me, comes first. The rest can be dealt with later.”

Anyway, take a look at some of this video report from a recent ‘March for Neutrality’. If you are interested, you can find more videos on the same channel.

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