Defender of the Fatherland Day – Feb 23

We are probably looking at three significant days in the history of the world. And if that cannot be said when they have passed, they at least are all of that for the history of the Russian Federation.

And maybe, just maybe, we must not get ahead of ourselves (or actual history), they may extend to a fourth significant day.

So, as February 21, 2023 draws to a close, President Putin has delivered his expected speech to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation – as I reported in my previous post. And that can be said to be a significant milestone in itself – or yet another significant milestone (one of many) for the president.

Tomorrow, February 22, 2023, we can expect the Russian Duma to pass legislation to enact the salient points of the President’s speech. Everything has to be done properly and legally – unlike in certain other prominent jurisdictions elsewhere, where simply on a president’s whim lives, cities, and other structural edifices can be destroyed with apparent impunity and still retain the blemished, stained and discredited hallmark of ‘democracy’.

The third significant day follows hot on the heels of that one – February 23, 2023. In Russia it is known as ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’. I chose a non-Russian reference for this so that any Russians reading this post will know that their National Holiday is known and respected throughout the world. This public holiday has been celebrated annually since 1922, making last year’s celebration (occurring the day before the start of the Special Military Operation in the former Ukraine) of even greater significance than ever – a 100 year anniversary event. This year, I feel, has the makings of something even greater. Will it mark…

A fourth consecutive significant day on February 24, 2023? Well, actually, that already is a significant day – the anniversary of the SVO (SMO). There is also currently a lot of anticipation (as I read the situation) for this date to mark a significant [yes, I am aware of my overuse of that word today] expansion of the Russian military effort in that theatre of operations. Be patient. If it happens, there is not long to wait now. Imagine the celebrations next year – when it is all over.

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