Temporary Concession

I currently have a ban on sharing anything by James Howard Kunstler but I am making an exception for this, his latest at time of writing, because it is an example of James at his brilliant best. And it is the only one of his recent posts for which I would make such a concession. The reason for why the ban? No, it’s not because he never shares any of my work [forgive me while I have a little personal chuckle at that preposterous thought which just came to me out of the blue – I’m in a funny mood just now], but because of his attitude to China. Every time he opens his mouth to mention anything to do with China – not just sometimes, but every single bloody time – he puts both feet into it [his mouth, not China]. It is inexplicable. But this time there is no mention of China anywhere, and what is said is truly remarkable. Worth reading, and not just for its entertainment value. I give you…

Between That Rock and The Hard Place – Kunstler

Enjoy. It may be a while before I share another.

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