Prurient Trifling From Australia

Australia, again demonstrating its governmental dim-wittedness, total reliance on, and guaranteed dependence/adherence to, the abortifacient¬†groupthink of its larger and obviously equally weak-minded Western cousins, that would produce such a deformed outcome. Just the latest among many prior of such. "Australia slaps sanctions against four Russian companies and one individual" - TASS ¬© Artyom Geodakyan/TASS I... Continue Reading →

For Ever Part Of The Russian Homeland

Crimea, now fully and irrevocably connected to its Russian homeland with the first ever passenger train service crossing the new rail bridge (the longest in Russia and Europe) over the Kerch Strait today. "Passenger train crosses Crimean Bridge for the first time" - TASS Now being one of the most heavily defended places in the... Continue Reading →

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