NATO – “Oh dear, one of our perceived opponents submarines is missing.  Panic, panic.”

How amusing.  A Russian submarine has vanished in the eastern Mediterranean.

And all the kings horses
And all the president’s men, .
Can’t find it again.

But its home base knows where it is.  Ha-Ha.  How embarrassing.

“NATO anti-submarine forces have been attempting for a week now to find the Rostov-on-Don submarine in the Mediterranean,” the source said. “Attempts to find it have failed. At the same time, the Russian command has not lost contact with Rostov-on-Don.”

“NATO In Panic Mode After Losing Track Of Russian Submarine In Eastern Mediterranean” – Southfront


The “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” “Varshavyanka” submarine of Project 636.3 – © Ministry of Defence of Russia

With increased NATO presence in the Black Sea – Russia’s back yard – two can play the “we can sail in your patch” game. But Russia can go one step better, upping the ante to “we can sail and hide (and do whatever we like) in what you mistakenly consider to be your patch” game.

I like it.

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