West V. East – The Final Move?

“China ready to protect world order based on international law together with Russia” – TASS

“Moscow and Beijing should act as guarantors of justice in international affairs, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said,” as quoted from the article linked above.

It is a fact that the only two nations in a position to curb and foil the dastardly plans and schemes of Western nations – who wrongly think they are entitled to tell the rest of the world what to do and how to act, some of them even believing (as a perverse sort of religion) that they are destined to rule the world – are (in no particular order) Russia and China.  To me that is an obvious point and one that will feature in increasing clarity as this century progresses – if it does actually progress to its full term with anyone left to notice that it did.

Nothing makes me more  turbulent inside with deepening anger than the absolute lunacy of Western leaders making stupid statements. Like this for example: “EU, US agree to join efforts in addressing “Russia’s confrontational behavior” “ – TASS

What absolutely iconic but unrealistic, infeasible, unorganisable, galling, piffle from the Western nations.  The EU and the US, whether separately or together, could not in all reality, nor justifiably on any pretext, join together in any such efforts that could in any way affect Russian policies or programs, nor, even if they did so join, would there be any benefit to anyone anywhere. including themselves.  It is purely puerile rhetoric spewing from the diseased minds of immoral beings.  In other words, not something anyone anywhere should take any notice of or worry about.  They do not have the wherewithal nor the authority to make any such thing stick.  Chest-beating at its most raw and animalistic.  Stupid, illogical, devious, bastards.  I can say that.  I’m not a diplomat.

Whether this is the last move or not in East-West relations, I am not sure. What I am sure about is that it will result in stalemate or loss on both sides. There can be no winner.

On the other hand, we have calm, sane, thoughtful, beneficial leadership, in more than adequate quantities and personages, just going about their businesses in the countries I mentioned.  Let me repeat for clarity, because I do tend to get a little verbose on this subject – I mean Russia and China.  A fine oppositional block to the West.  Not that they want to be oppositional.  On the contrary, they always [Note: – always] seek to deal amicably with all nations of the world, on terms that accord with international law.

You know what ‘international law’ is I hope.  Everyone should get to know what international law means.  That is perhaps one of the most important and basic pieces of information for every single human being because, without that knowledge, any Tom, Dick or Harry, even your Uncle Sam or his Uncle Kevin (UK), could come along and claim that what they are advocating – usually referred to as “A Rules Based Order”- completely and totally represents ‘international law’.  Let me tell you, and let me make it absolutely clear,  “A Rules Based Order” is NOT ‘international law’.  Nor is it the same thing, in any way, shape or form, as international law.  What it is is a set of rules by which those countries who believe it is their right to govern what everybody else can and must do, and what these countries can do to those other people and their countries in order to enforce those rules.  In other words it is a recipe for a slave planet or a prison planet – very similar in concept to modern USA, where a small elite group ‘Lords’ it over the majority of captive citizens lulled into acceptance of such a regime – with burgeoning corrective institutions acting as a form of intimidatory incentivation – kissing their freedom goodbye. 

So, what is ‘international law’? I can think of no more concise and complete explanation than that given in the linked TASS post, quoted from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

See the benefits of the Russia – China approach, as given in the rest of the short text of that post, quoted below:

“BEIJING, March 23. /TASS/. Beijing is ready to protect the world order based on international law together with Moscow, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said following talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday. 

“We should act as guarantors of justice in international affairs,” he pointed out. “China is ready to promote the international system established by the United Nations, protect the world order based on international law, and abide by universal values such as peace, development, justice, democracy, equality and freedom,” the Chinese top diplomat added.”


The world should stand beside them – not behind or beneath, as is the Western way – denying the West its pyrrhic victory, because that is exactly what achievement of the plans of the West for the world would turn out to be.

While any sort of wholesome future for mankind is shaping up to be a hopeless dream anyway, due to other self-inflicted circumstances which are about to overwhelm us, I want to be on the right side of history in the lead up to whatever future awaits us.  And the right side of history is not that which would result in a Gulag Planet run by the USA to USA rules.

Thank goodness there is a Russia and a China to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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