Giants Beginning To Fall

"When Giants Fall" - A real life screenplay, happening now at a Reality Theatre near you. James Howard Kunstler outlines the gripping plot.  Don't miss it.  Well... actually its pretty much unmissable.

Not So Open Skies

By making claims of Russian non-compliance with the Open Skies Treaty, as a form of excuse for the US to pull out of the multi-national arrangement, tells the whole world (by reviewing past experience of such events) that exactly the non-compliance Russia is accused of is precisely what America has been doing itself for many... Continue Reading →

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Morrison government in Australia needs to get its act together and work out who its real friends are. Annoying Beijing with stupid ideas aligned with Washington will not serve the country well in either the short or long term.  We need China as an ally, as well as a trading partner, both now -... Continue Reading →

Truth v Falsehood

Speaking of falsehoods, their dissemination and the various drivers of that - take my previous post as relating to an illustrative example - I now share an article, important in my view, which describes many pertinent facts around those deceitful practices which have become so prevalent in modern times that they might be said to... Continue Reading →

COVID: Evidence v Bulldust

Efforts are being made by certain Western nations, and one might question the reasons for that, to pin the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic on China and more specifically on a biochemical lab in Wuhan.  A ridiculous notion which bears no legitimacy and relies as usual in such situations entirely on unnamed, non-evidence based, diaphanous... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update, May 20, 2020

So, we have reached a global total of 5 million COVID-19 cases today, a couple of days before I suggested it would.  That means the case load is not slowing down but is in fact speeding up slightly.  Now that may be due to the increased rate of testing worldwide, or it may not.  Whatever... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Support For China

I want to say at the start of this post that this blog is pro-Russia, pro-China, anti-NATO and anti-US (or at least anti- the way the US conducts itself and the underlying reasons it does that). I love Russia. I love China. I think those nations stand up for everything that is good and honourable... Continue Reading →

Dancing To A Different Tune

"Dance Macabre" - James Howard Kunstler I can't go past the writings of James Howard Kunstler at the moment.  He has the human condition, rendered in prose, down to a T.   He writes today of the great opening up (of economies), a desperate measure intended (fruitlessly I think) to restore normality.  Oh how the world... Continue Reading →

Purging The US Cancer

"There is a simple truth. There is nothing the Pentagon will not do based on its ability to wave the flag, and if that doesn’t work, threaten and bury those who would expose wrongdoing." - Gordon Duff, US Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine... Continue Reading →

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