Not So Open Skies

By making claims of Russian non-compliance with the Open Skies Treaty, as a form of excuse for the US to pull out of the multi-national arrangement, tells the whole world (by reviewing past experience of such events) that exactly the non-compliance Russia is accused of is precisely what America has been doing itself for many past years.  Accusing others (usually those the US doesn’t seem capable of getting along with) of the US’ own failings is a common trait of the US authorities.

So we know exactly on what basis this claim is made.  First there is no truth in it (don’t expect any real evidence, or any evidence at all, to be provided).  Second, the peculiar real reasons for the US withdrawal are not really worth anyone’s time to try to uncover – and there may not in fact be any logical or defendable reason for it at all.

Snap decision.  They just want out.  No thinking involved.  Although we must leave open the idea that they found nothing on their overflights of Russian territory that they could gain some advantage from.  They are not actually stupid, just ignorant – and self-obsessed.

“Trump announces US will exit the Open Skies treaty after accusing Russia of violating terms” – Australia ABC News

Russia on the other hand, can and has many times made real assertions of US indiscretions with regard to the treaty. See this TASS story: “Russia has claims regarding US compliance with Open Skies Treaty, says diplomat”

For information on the Open Skies Treaty itself, see: “The Open Skies Treaty at a Glance

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