What Goes Around Comes Around

The Morrison government in Australia needs to get its act together and work out who its real friends are. Annoying Beijing with stupid ideas aligned with Washington will not serve the country well in either the short or long term. 

We need China as an ally, as well as a trading partner, both now – while we still have some sort of economy going – and in the future when we, along with most other nations, likely will not have such a thing, going or not. Opening us up to be either ripe pickings for adversarial take-over or friendly assistance from those nations close by who may not be so affected by the collapse of the $US as we undoubtedly will be. 

We need a change of heart and direction. We need to dump the US, swallow our pride, ditch our attitude, and face East (more North-North-East actually) rather than West. 

Otherwise we will soon be numbered among the world’s new paupered, or even enslaved.

“China used anti-dumping rules against us because what goes around comes around” – Simon Lacey for The Conversation

Australian anti-dumping and countervailing measures by country, March 2020 – source: Anti-Dumping Commission – https://www.industry.gov.au/sites/default/files/2020-04/performance-indicators-march-2020.pdf

Australia needs China more than China needs Australia.

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