Truth v Falsehood

Speaking of falsehoods, their dissemination and the various drivers of that – take my previous post as relating to an illustrative example – I now share an article, important in my view, which describes many pertinent facts around those deceitful practices which have become so prevalent in modern times that they might be said to be a defining aspect of today’s so-called civilisation.  Since they are so relevant to modern life, what could be more important than gaining an understanding of these things?

This is difficult reading.  At least I found it to be so, but that task was undertaken before my morning coffee.  The piece, though not too openly expressed as such, is charged with emotion and revolutionary thoughts – and contains many long, complicated, but well formed sentences.  It is important information.

I took the trouble to read it and I have also shared it so that you can do that.  So, come on, fucking read it you twats.  (That’s about as much emotion and revolutionary anger as I can put into the request just now.)

“Some Truths about Falsehoods” – Fernando Buen Abad for Resumen

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