COVID: Evidence v Bulldust

Efforts are being made by certain Western nations, and one might question the reasons for that, to pin the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic on China and more specifically on a biochemical lab in Wuhan.  A ridiculous notion which bears no legitimacy and relies as usual in such situations entirely on unnamed, non-evidence based, diaphanous and possibly non-existent ‘intelligence’ (smile here) sources.

China, unfazed by the antics of the West, denies all responsibility and the Chinese news source, Xinhuanet, has produced this short video refuting the allegations with some common sense facts.

“Tracing origin of COVID-19: Facts you need to know” – Xinhuanet

Who do you believe?  For me there is no doubt.  It is the nation that has not built everything it does on a foundation of lies, false assertions, chest thumping, threats, bullying and bluff. That list of nefarious traits being by no means exhaustive.  It is the nation that can calmly face its critics and furnish actual proof, from real people, in answer to any allegations made against it.

You know who I mean.  The rest is all bulldust, kicked up to hide something.

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