Purging The US Cancer

“There is a simple truth. There is nothing the Pentagon will not do based on its ability to wave the flag, and if that doesn’t work, threaten and bury those who would expose wrongdoing.” 

– Gordon Duff, US Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

Everything that Russia has said about cloaked US biochemical labs dotted around the world, including close to Russian borders, doing secret research on weaponised biological pathogens, is absolutely true.

The article “Pandemic Exposes US as Only Bioweapons Superpower”, written by Gordon Duff especially for New Eastern Outlook (NEO), someone I think no-one would categorise as a conspiracy theorist, bears witness to that.  I think, deep down, we ALL must also know the truth of it, whether we are meant to know or not.

The United States is led, governed, controlled, manipulated, whatever, by the most evil and ruthless killing machine incorporated in the minds of monsters that the world has ever known. They are not your friends. They are no-one’s friends. They are monstrously evil beings. How they came to be that way I have no idea. For now, It doesn’t matter. What matters, for the world, for you and me, for all the future you’s and me’s, and for all their millions of past victims – some 20 million by some counts since 1945, is what exactly are we going to do about them. About the cancer that they are, sucking the life out of the community of mankind, robbing us of the joys and freedoms that should be ours. Can we allow them remain alive?

I’ve said it before, I will say it again, the United States is a cancer on human society.  What is the world going to do about that?

The world dealt with Hitler, well… Russia dealt with Hitler, ending his reign of terror.  Hitler is no more.  But his protégés are alive and well, living in North America, and they harbour similar, actually worse, maniacal ideologies about taking over the world – killing off all who oppose them. We, the world, cannot allow them to do that.  They must be dealt with, disposed of, annihilated, whatever – simply made to no longer exist. 

The cancer must be purged from the system, somehow.

In times past I have been prepared to wait this out. Expecting some act of nature, some intrinsic weakness in our modern society causing it to collapse and burn, or some act of thermonuclear madness brought on by ourselves to sort this out. The problem is that none of these things has actually happened yet, though some are now looming threateningly over us.

But I now feel we can no longer wait. We must act. Somebody must act. I know who I think should act, as being those most directly affected by this grotesque, malignant, festering sore. I’m not going to say it. They should know who they are. And they supposedly live in a democracy that empowers people to decide who is in charge of their affairs. That would be amusing if it were not so sad.

Anyway, I will leave it there. I have exhausted myself.

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