Dancing To A Different Tune

“Dance Macabre” – James Howard Kunstler

I can’t go past the writings of James Howard Kunstler at the moment.  He has the human condition, rendered in prose, down to a T.  

He writes today of the great opening up (of economies), a desperate measure intended (fruitlessly I think) to restore normality.  Oh how the world longs for that.  But that is, I opine, something to be found only at the end of a rainbow.  We won’t be seeing ‘normal’ again.  At least until what we do find, eventually becomes, or morphs into, the new normal.

He also impishly speculates how we will feel about that, in this the most dangerous phase of the coronavirus and the yet to fully emerge and separate harbingers of economic and financial collapse leading to the breakdown of societal norms, and what the aftermath of all that may be observed to be. 

A dance of death before a new dawn?  Perhaps. Well, almost a certainty.

But he is wrong about Zymurgy.  Although correct that it will not, to any great extent, be a paid for service – other than through barter.  With withered or entirely disappeared supply chains and the need to conserve and wisely consume all available food stuffs, the art and science of fermentation (Zymurgy), along with many other mostly forgotten basic tools used by our predecessors, will become necessary everyman knowledge and practice for all who want to live and prosper. ‘Prosper’ as in keep body and soul together.

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