A Living History

Every time we breathe we live a little history.  Living history.  History in the making.  And what kind of history are we making, in these days of our lives in this 21st century of the current era?

Spectacular history?  Revolutionary history?  History to be proud of?  History we would want to be remembered for?  Stuff we could tell our grandchildren about without blushing, regret, or apology?

Or history we would ourselves even want to forget?

Of course I am raising these questions thinking that you are rational people.  People who would have a firm grip on reality.  People who would see that the lives we live are currently set against the background of some third rate melodrama with badly painted and flimsy scenery, props that don’t work as intended, a script written by monkeys and a production team of thieves, liars and murderers.

Have you had enough of that farcical setting?

Well, strangely, by complete coincidence or perhaps by me taking advantage of a fortuitous opportunity, James Kunstler today asks the same question.

Have a look at what he says: “Had Enough?” – Kunstler

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