Is A Softening Up Process Underway In Australia?

“Regardless of the outcome of the current COVID-19 crisis, the message is clear: Australia must remain poised for severe disruption” – quote from linked article from Australian ABC News

A few weeks ago I shared what I now fear was a leak of information made as a softening up process for the Australian public to coax us into a mindset to accept a huge government program of investment in national security and a beefing up of our military and civil defences against external attack by hostile forces.  Well, actually I had similar qualms back then but left them unexpressed, simply providing the online link. Any response was underwhelming. I cant just leave it at that this time.

My fear is now strengthened  by more information leaked from the same source with a different ‘front’ person, another ‘concerned’ non-government, non-military citizen linked to the same national security thinktank as earlier and making similar yet more desperate pleas for something to be urgently done.

Have a read for yourself – I will have more to say after this: “Defence has imagined modern warfare and Australia is not prepared” – ABC News

Let me say where I am coming from.  

I have for years now subscribed to the view that there is an inevitability that Australia will soon, through invasion or infiltration or migration of some sort, end up as a nation that truly forms part of the greater Asian region, governed and cultured as an Asian nation.  Australia’s geographical location and its ‘white man’s’ attitude to its neighbours, which is at best condescending and at worst arrogantly belligerant, makes us stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise predominantly Asian region.  There is also New Zealand of course, but that is another question and I suspect one that is of less consequence to its neighbours.

My attention was focused on this prospect some years ago by a film and television series based on a book titled “Tomorrow When The War Began”, in which a supposedly but undefined regional power took control of Australia by sudden and mostly unopposed military invasion without firing a shot, apart from bringing down the country’s meagre and totally outnumbered air assets.  I saw that as a prescient depiction of what would at some stage ensue, and I said so at the time.

Personally, I would welcome such an event.  Of course I would rather it occurred peacefully by integration and paths of friendship with Asian countries but with the government hell bent on maintaining its ties with the Western world, that is unlikely to happen as a matter of course.  Though one could say that even today we are in a process of natural asianisation with growing populations of citizens from many Asian countries now resident as Australian citizens.  It is totally natural that this should continue and one day the European whites will certainly become an interrelated minority in this country, perhaps in similar ways to how South Africa and what used to be called Rhodesia on the African continent changed ownership and governance.  Such processes are natural and unstoppable.

What is there to lose?  Australia has nothing to lose in such a process.  We have no culture of any worthwhile value.  I expect to hear protest at that statement, but in reality it is true.  A people have to develop culture, genuine culture, over at least one and perhaps many thousands of years.  In a nation of only less than 300 years of history, it is impossible to have an identifiable culture.  If modern Australia does have a culture at all it is that of British colonialism and class structure which has led to a nation of haves and have nots, the bottom tier of which has degenerated into the street level Boganism that is currently the predominant cultural driver of white society, which together with a political vaccuum for promoting any form of excellence is leading us to future generations of grunting cave dwellers. Anything is better than that. The land deserves better than that.  And it does have better, in the shape of the 60-70,000 year old aboriginal culture – which one would hope for an appropriate Asian recognition of and a far greater respect for than could be expected of any white capitalist dominated society.

And what are the prospects for Australia, a now highly indebted and vulnerable Australia, thanks to our utter unpreparedness for even a mild virus outbreak, to be able to thwart a takeover of any sort by any of our neighbours, overtly militarily, covertly undermining our capabilities to trade, or surreptitiously by migration?  Little to none I suspect.

Of course this new article lists the usual main ‘hostile’ suspects (and isn’t this exactly another valid reason why we deserve to be taken over) in Russia, China and North Korea. That is so absolutely stupid that I can’t find words to appropriately comment on it.   Since when did North Korea ever express any intent, desire, or even a valid reason to invade Australia?  Russia too, already having the largest land mass of any country in the world, with arguably more resources than that of which Australia can boast, and with little enough population to even utilise what they have, what would they want with another huge land mass?  

China of course is a different picture, and they have so much investment in this country already that it is entirely feasible that, given the intransigence and stupidity of the Aussie government, they might at any time decide that their investments are not being properly utilised by the current administration and take matters into their own hands.  Who could blame them?  And who could stop them? Certainly not the US which also has strategic investments here but no longer have the military clout nor the finance to support it in a protracted conflict.  There is no-one else either. China could just virtually walk in and take over the oversight of our current malfeasant governance. There would be something of a dust-up I’m sure, but it would be quickly over and easily suppressed and there would be little or no destruction of assets or injury to the population at large. What good would a destroyed economy and alienated Australian population be to China? The country is not unsavable, it just needs a slight change of direction and some purposeful management.

So, as I quoted at the start,  “Australia must remain poised for severe disruption”.  But not necessarily destructive disruption.  Except perhaps in the form of aggressive climate related disasters or natural features such as coronavirus – phenomenon that we must face regardless of who is in charge – or from economic or financial collapse – all of which would most likely lead to destructive social unrest and upheaval and perhaps to large scale population die-off as a matter of course.

No, the best we can hope for is a quiet change of management from old white men in blue suits who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery to the advantage of anyone but themselves, to something much better organised and bringing with it an already established ancient culture that we may eventually identify with and with aspects of which many of us already respect. 

And we definitely don’t need huge government investments of whatever funds we still have, in a desperate and futile attempt to prevent what is inevitable and, in the long run better for us, from happening. 

The ‘West is best’ mentality has run its course. The time for change is drawing near. We must embrace it or go under.

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  1. We’ve always been a backwater, clinging to Britain’s apron strings and with naive and incompetent leaders playing politics. Ripe for some sort of cybertakover. Things are going to look interesting.

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