Tomorrow Series

Here is the first sneak-peek trailer from the ABC TV series 'Tomorrow When The War Began'.   It is difficult not to compare this to the 2010 Movie version and on this small sample I would say that is does not appear to have the dramatic weight to be big-screen stuff.  But then it is... Continue Reading →

A Premonition Of, Or Glimpse Into, Australia’s Future?

...the unthinkable has happened: Australia is suddenly invaded by a newly formed “Asian Coalition” intent on seizing control of all of her resources and enslaving the population. The unsuspecting Australian military is quickly overwhelmed and none of Australia’s allies, including the US, are immediately willing to risk possible nuclear war to come to her aid.... Continue Reading →

Famine And War, An Uncertain Future

News of the Day I want to feature an article that came to my attention this morning courtesy of (not usually one of my regular or recommended news sources, but we all have our good days) via AFSA, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.  The AFSA comment on this is: A fairly alarmist NewsCorp story but... Continue Reading →

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