Looking for a Global Hotspot? Try This for Size…

“Let the Oil Tankers Arrive in Venezuela, Iran’s President Warns” – teleSUR

The US global bully may attempt to disrupt the delivery of oil and gas shipments from Iran to Venezuela today.  That’s the sort of game we are used to seeing them play.  How facile are their arguments though behind such a move?   Threats to the US and to other nations in South America?  Ridiculous. Childish. Petulant.  And highly dangerous.

One to keep an eye on.

Those in positions of power in the US are entirely batshit-crazy. They even still discuss renewing nuclear testing as a warning to Russia. “Trump in talks to conduct first US nuclear test in decades” – The Independent

Unbelievable. These insane people are a menace to the world. And the world could do very well without them …if anyone has a mind to solve that problem?

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