Content To Watch On As Russian Strategic Brilliance Demolishes Ukraine Capacity For War and Western Stupidity Destroys European And US Economies

I have not spoken much recently on the demolition of Ukraine by Russia, and the West (plus Ukraine) entirely by themselves. The fog of war (necessary Russian military tactical secrecy) and the smog of propaganda (a western exclusive cloud of BS) generally make it necessary (or at least wise) to wait for concrete news – which is not always forthcoming on a regular basis.

Such emerging facts as there are point to a perceptively difficult to grasp externally, slow but methodical achievement of everything that Russia has planned for in the execution of its need to secure a safe future for itself and the wider world around it. I do not need to repeat what those objectives are. They are well known, having been pre-stated. For those who support Russian actions in this theatre there is nothing to worry about. All is going to plan. For the west and Ukraine however, well, their frantic gurglings and physical contortions clearly illustrate their overall condition and expectations.

The Saker blog most recently, wisely urged patience for a while as the smoke slowly clears, bu nobody has captured the situation better than Pepe Escobar in the following piece recently published.

You want the current scoop? Read this…

‘Death by a thousand cuts: where is the west’s Ukraine strategy?’ – Pepe Escobar – the piece can be absorbed either on The Cradle or the SakerBlog, dependent on your choice of side-dishes.

While the quality of Pepe’s work does not require any recommendation from me, I want to offer a small quote as a taster of what you will find.

Having just clearly stated what we do know of recent Russian achievements in Ukraine, the author says…

This is just an illustration of the Russian General Staff applying its trademark, methodical, painstaking strategy, where the main imperative could be defined as a personnel-preserving forward drive. With the added benefit of committing just a fraction of overall Russian firepower.

Russian strategy on the battlefield stands in stark contrast with the EU’s obstinacy in being reduced to the status of an American dog’s lunch, with Brussels leading entire national economies to varying degrees of certified collapse and chaos.

Pepe Escobar

One more snippet…

Moscow is spending way less than the NATO contingent in the Ukrainian theater. NATO has already wasted $50 billion – and counting – while the Russians spent $4 billion, give or take, and already conquered Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson and Melitopol, created a land corridor to Crimea (and secured its water supply), controls the Sea of Azov and its major port city, and liberated strategically vital Volnovakha and Popasnaya in Donbass, as well as Izyum near Kharkov.

That doesn’t even include Russia hurling the entire, collective west into a level of recession not seen since the 1970s.

Pepe Escobar

It also doesn’t include the literally hundreds of smaller settlements liberated from Ukronazi control.

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