Australia’s Prime Minister is a Fool

…and not just a fool, an utter fool. A dangerous and desperate utter fool.

OK. He can draw red lines wherever he wishes to draw red lines. That’s what fools do. They apparently get some sort of satisfaction from doing that (there being other examples throughout westernism as precedents for this). It is one way they ‘get off’, and by doing so reinforce their own self-constructed narcissismus (Is that a word? Apparently so. It’s Greek, and probably originally Latin).

If anyone can draw a valid connection of dependency or authority (of any kind other than self-deception) between the Australia of Scott Morrison and the independent sovereign state of the Solomon Islands, I would like to hear about it. Until then, the question has to be asked – by what right (in a rational world) does Australia, through the mouthpiece of its elected leader (what were they thinking?) issue a Red Line (whatever the significance of that may be in that man’s tiny mind) over the Solomon’s government (elected government, no less) decision to make an independent agreement on security issues with China. And, in any case, what the fuck does that lunatic think he could do to about that situation anyway?

That is why he is a dangerous and desperate fool. His desperation being a real and present danger to Australia. No-one else.

“Australia violates other countries’ sovereignty by drawing ‘red line’ on China-Solomons cooperation: Chinese Vice FM” – Global Times

China is fully capable of swatting Australia at any time of its own choosing. With no fear of repercussions. Just ask any Ukrainian (except the president).

Actually, the silencing of Australia (its leader, at least) might just be a good thing for Australia in the long term. We may then have a shot at some sort of future within Asia. A much reduced future of course, with small pockets of civilisation dotted here and there around the coast. In many cases a little or a lot further inland (the coast slowly moving as seas rise) than where such centres are now found – with nothing much happening further inland at all, unless it is underground. But Australia will not be alone in that. A lot of places around the world will be experiencing similar conditions if climate predictions are anywhere near correct. Just, in Australia’s case it will likely be under new management, unless the people come to their senses. They have the opportunity to do that with new elections coming up in a couple of months. Why don’t I feel confident of such a turn of events taking place? Perhaps because Australians have only a limited choice just now. Perhaps only a choice between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. And no hint of any ‘saviour’ on the horizon. But that is a dilemma shared by all western nations. China may have to intervene on our behalf (as it is in the Solomons), once it becomes apparent we are floundering without meaningful help from any other direction. It’s our best bet. More of a hope, really.

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