A Single Moment in the Liberation of Mariupol

I want to feature here a video of a Chechen soldier recalling a single event he experienced while fighting the Nazi animals (there is no better description of them, although it somehow unfairly denigrates animals of a different nature) holed up there.

You will find this story also on the blogs of Andrei Martyanov with extra information and Andrei Raevsky with an English transcript (but you can get English and a variety of other language subtitles easily enough by adjusting the settings of the CC facility).

This is a story which must be told, as it contains the whole essence of why Russia is conducting their Special Military Operation in Ukraine – very successfully I might add, though in a way quite bemusing to the western mind (which can only think in terms of tonnage of useless armaments being uselessly and ineffectively sent there [for profit, mainly]).

This man, and the many like him are all heroes of the highest calibre. They are dispelling the myths about Chechen brutality, although I am sure Chechnya has its share of thugs as all lands do. But these men, fighting in Ukraine for peace and for a decent future for those people, deserve all the accolades coming their way for how they have and continue to conduct themselves there. May as many of them as possible survive to live out their own lives in peace, having ridden the world of the worst breed of animal life that humanity can spawn.

I want to add one more piece of information which I have personally noticed about every YouTube video I share here. At the end of each one you will see links (provided by YouTube as a means of diversion) to a number of other videos, always giving a twisted western version of the conflict. If you take my advice you will not waste your time following those links. They are simply trash.

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