The Dark Side of the West – Mostly Hidden Until Recently

I often speak of the evil that is the west. Before I say anything more, let me separate that western evil from the people of the west, or most of them at least, since this evil is also hidden from them. But on the other hand, unless they now speak up against it – and perhaps do more than that – then they are also accomplices to that evil. It is very much like the case of mid-20th century Germany. “We didn’t know there was a holocaust going on,” will be no excuse when the world, most likely led by Russia and China, puts a stop to the evil activities of the west, once and for all. And of course the phenomenon of evil is once again associated with Nazism, which has always been the driving force behind those powerful interests which rule the US, in particular, but also all western nations.

Again, before I continue with my line of thought for this essay and introduce an authoritative expansion of those thoughts, let me note that western interests are even now attempting to minimise, by denial of its existence, that Nazism has openly been practiced and is actively supported by the west in the Ukraine. Always present in that nation, there has now been an eight years resurgence of Nazism there, fostered by the west since – and probably before – the 2014 Maidan incident which toppled a properly elected government, replacing it with a puppet authority laced with Nazi elements. Nazi groups have been feted by the west and incorporated into the reformed Ukraine military (mostly smashed and destroyed by Donbass militias who wisely would not accept westernised Nazi domination).

It has been western nations, chiefly the US, Britain and Germany, who have trained this new army. Canada heavily involved also. And it is these same nations who have poured huge amounts of weapons and munitions into Ukraine ever since the beginning of Russia’s Special Military Operation – which began as a liberation of the Eastern regions of the Russian speaking Donbass independent republics formed in 2014. It now becomes perfectly obvious why these same western nations, without overtly involving themselves (though with considerable covert activity), have been working to foil the Russian intervention in Donbass. The successful rescue of these people from the threat of genocide posed by the west through its new Nazi army – an army which they are willing to use to protect their evil secrets, fighting (as has been said many times) to the last Ukrainian, and to the extent of arming Ukrainian civilians to help achieve that end – would lead, as it has, to the full exposure of their deceit and the vile plans they were secretly working on. Something the combined west must now dread the prospect of being on the receiving end of whatever the fallout from that may be.

What are those evil secrets of the west, now laid bare and exposed, and of which the parts hidden in Ukraine are merely one element of a global scheme, the likes of which and the depth of evil within its scope, the world has never seen? Just what evil is it that they are hiding and which Russia now has the evidence to expose?

Well, I could not do sufficient justice to this immense revelation myself, but others have already done so (and why reinvent the wheel when it already exists?). One such author is Vladimir Platov who writes for New Eastern Outlook, but I want to feature the full re-share of his essay on the site of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy which kind of specialises in that sort of work and because they have included a map of the Mongolian region, which illustrates something of why the west has chosen to make that nation the next target for their evil research activities. You will find that article here:

Will the US and Germany Turn Mongolia into a Biological Warfare Testing Grounds against Russia and China?

…and the original, here.

Perhaps more important than the article itself – since this is a story, not from a single source, that will not be able to be kept under wraps by the west, and global authorities, if they do not already know of the evidence or the existence of the project (which would be strange, and perhaps a dereliction of their duty), must act in accordance with their protective mandates to prevent such diabolical effects from happening – is the question…

What will the world’s people do, now that thisb is being exposed? How will the world react? How will the people react? And it is up to the people of the world, as much as for the global authorities (acting in accordance with the will of the people), to ensure the safety of themselves and others from the effects of the west’s abominable plans, is it not?

The western nations are sinking into irrelevance, as I have tried to make plain for some time. Are they to be allowed to take down potentially all nations with them? Does the west think that by eliminating – in the only way (and I emphasise that) they now can – their perceived enemy states, that will enable them (the west) to rise again to the kind of supremacy in world affairs that they have recently lost? It cannot be allowed to happen. Or the entire human presence on the planet is in peril. Or even more peril than that from which it is already under threat.

An unpeopled world might be a good thing. But surely, a world peopled by folk of good intent and good nature, living appropriately, would be better, wouldn’t it?

Don’t be quick to answer that. We have other problems to face, concurrently.

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