Pandemic or Not, For Women of World’s Biggest Economy, Supply of Sanitary Pads Remains of Supreme Importance

It seems an eminently reasonable expectation to me but, as a man, I’m not qualified to comment. Please just read the story.


I am simply amazed that in a crazed world of mostly ridiculous and highly irrelevant news reporting, China can still calmly and level-headedly find the time and news-space to consider and report such a down-to-earth and people-relevant news story, whereas western news media cannot even attempt to loosen its white-knuckle grip on the fading COVID fiasco, nor find space for exercising anything else than its only other thought impulse to hurl cheap insults at Russia and China.

This is, of course, just a single example of the broad range of relevant news that, even today, China can still produce.  Thank goodness someone can do that.  

‘Small sanitary pads a big issue for women’ – Pan Yixuan – China Daily

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