And Whose Bio-Lab Is This? Do We Need To Ask?

It is always difficult to report on very recent events, especially ones around conflict or unrest, due to the foggy nature of such occurrences. I may even have made at least one such error based on the earliest of reports from the scene of the ongoing Kazakhstan terrorist insurgency – which will be very short-lived as a result of the quick response made by friends of that nation – but I wouldn’t be alone in that.

So, whatever is said here, be aware that it may already be superceded by forthcoming knowledge of events currently being enacted.

But I have to give this new report today some air because it is something I have wondered about since first hearing last Thursday, Jan 6, of this diversionary attack by the west. There is no doubt in my mind that that is exactly what it is, aimed at deflecting attention from the important, in fact vital, events to be held primarily on Monday, Jan 10, and possibly continuing to Wednesday, Jan 12 in Geneva.

It has long been known that some of the US’ 150 bio-laboratories scattered around the world, mainly since the dissolution of the USSR, have been located in many of the post-soviet states bordering on Russia. Can you, and ask yourself honestly, think of a reason for the necessity of such things at all and then such things placed in such places? We hear about this, and then we forget. It is, after all, not our problem – unless we are Russian or a citizen of those, supposedly independent, post-soviet states. Does it not occur as an idea that the west has been sneakily building up a presence, and not just any presence but a solidly disturbing one, for no good reason, in those places? And why has Russia taken this lying down without a word? I guess it is not that simple and that Russia will have made representations to the appropriate authorities over the years – with not much of a response. I also guess that the peoples of those post-soviet states (sorry to keep using that term but I can’t think of a more appropriate one – not yet anyway – I’m sure it will come, and soon) have also developed worry lines if they have not also forgotten such labs exist on their lands. And what were their governments thinking by allowing this outrage to occur? That is easy to ask right now, but of course things were much different and great social and economic struggles took place in the early years of independence for both Russia and ite neighbours. One thing is clear – they were absolutely taken advantage of by the west, and chiefly by America. I believe that has been recognised, but perhaps not sufficiently been acted on. Well, there is one V. Putin who in particular has been at the forefront of first Russia waking up to itself and turning around its fortunes to become one of the strongest economic power zones this world currently has and also the most powerful military nation on the planet right now. This is exactly why the US is currently in a state of panic (you don’t spring colour revolutions which last less than a week unless you are panicking), borne out by its willingness to meet with a now dominant Russia to answer its demands. Let’s hope they bring more than the usual bluster to the table because Russia is in no mood for US foolishness and double-talk.

Having got that off my chest, back to the bio-lab in Almaty, one of the chief cities of Kazakhstan.

Here is the story reported today by TASS…

‘Kazah health ministry denies reports about seizure of military biological lab near Almaty’ – TASS

So, what I make of that is that Kazakh authorities have the place under their control, but there may have been a leak of some toxic nature – which is being dealt with. I’m sure that will become clearer later.

In case you were not aware of the existence of such pernicious laboratories, here is a related story. It contains video of the internal/external situation at a post-soviet bio-lab still working on dangerous plague substances with minimal security, subsidised by the US in 2006…

‘The US is building a bioweapons lab in Kazakhstan’ – Salon – by Alex Pasternack, August 29, 2013

That story is quite shocking, but it was a long time ago now. Things have significantly developed since then. I believe the US built bio-lab referred to in that story is the Central Reference Laboratory built in 2016 in Almaty with US finance. Here is a video of its construction and working…

‘Kazakhstan’s Central Reference Laboratory in Almaty’ – Youtube

Also, recent details of at least three western nations involvement in biological research in Kazakhstan…

‘Building Scientific Capability and Reducing Biological Threats: The Effect of Three Cooperative Bio-Research Programs in Kazakhstan’ – Frontiers in Public Health, 12 October 2021

All together, plenty of reasons why such a laboratory – and we don’t know which one yet – would be targeted by terrorists this week. At this super-critical point in time. And also why it has so quickly been brought under control.

Western interests and possible reasons for evidence destruction, utilise devious practices to cover their tracks. Perhaps not quickly enough to have escaped detection this time.

It is a dirty world we live in. Made that way by man’s foul intent of course.

Have you ever considered the thought that we are actually the disease?

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