Kazakh Diversion Will Not Dispel or Sidestep US Moment of Attempted Duplicity

The problem with ultimata [I wasn’t sure of the plural of ‘ultimatum’, so I looked it up. It is ‘ultimatums’ of course but you can also use ‘ultimata’ – which was new to me. So, as with anything new, you tend to want to use it straight away. So I did]. I’ll begin again to save you reading back. The problem with ultimata [feels good doesn’t it?] is that they have to ripen over time – which means waiting. And so I have diverted my thinking over the past few days to become over-engrossed with trivialities – like COVID – and have lost touch with the things that matter, like Russia’s ultimatum (or non-ultimatum, depending on who you ask) to the US.

The US has been trying to divert its own attention from this distasteful subject as well, knowing there is no ‘I win – you lose’ outcome around that for them. So, they (and the collective west) have turned their attention away from Russia’s western border issues – with vague and meaningless threats and diversions to gain time (which will not work) – to almost the other side of the world, which is another border area of Russia (Russia occupies a huge area of the Eurasian landmass). I can see their thinking (which speaks to their current level of desperation) as a ruse to occupy Russia’s attention somewhere else, for a while – their soft, post Soviet, underbelly – home of the various ‘Stans’.

The US of course is still smarting at the humiliation of recently being driven out of Afghanistan – losing considerable illicit income in the process – and disrupting its plans to harry and weaken Russia (and China of course) in and through the other ‘stans’ also. Covert operations have been going on in those mostly poor nations to subvert Russia-China interests for a long time. Kazakhstan, being the most north-easterly on those nations – bordering both Russia and China – seems a good place to kickstart ‘troubles’ and perhaps even operate a colour-revolution (US’ favourite ploy).

OK, I’m getting round to getting right up to date now, and I’m sorry for this long introduction, but I guess a great many folk may not know this stuff even goes on – all the time. To understand today, it is necessary to know a little of yesterday …and I reckon what I have said here is a bare minimum of that.

So, starting just after New Year, a few days ago now, unrest has been fomented by western covert units (possibly MI6, possibly CIA. I don’t know for sure). I seem to have missed all that due to my preoccupation with other matters. Focus cannot be shifted for one instant it seems.

There have been widespread riots, lootings, burnings and infrastructure destruction. Several deaths and hundreds of injuries are reported to have occurred in the early days. All these are hallmarks of western intervention and there are direct similarities to the western inspired Belarus disturbances following last year’s elections there and also in the Ukraine back in 2014. It is being described as the biggest political crisis in the country’s history. Early reports on the unrest are old news now but an update from Tuesday Jan 4 can be read here: ‘Kazakhstan is set on fire with the help of liquefied gas’ – RIA Novosti

On January 5, the Kazakh president has accepted the resignation of the government and called for Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) assistance in the country. Kazakhstan is a member state of CSTO. By today, Jan 6, CSTO peacekeeping forces are working to stabilise the situation. This from the CSTO website: ‘Contingents of the collective peacekeeping forces of the CSTO sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan’ – CSTO. As stated, the peacekeepers “include units of the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan”.

Note: As at the time of this note which, for reference would be about 12:50 UTC, Jan 6, 2022, and for about 1 hour earlier there seems to be a problem at the CSTO website. I cannot currently now load the news item I linked in the post. In fact when I last got through to the news page there was no 2022 dated news there at all. I wonder, has there been a cyber attack on the site? Is 2022 news being restored? I guess we will need to wait and see. Interesting.

Whatever the west had planned for this unwarranted intrusion in terms of deflecting focus from the Ukrainian situation and Russia’s ultimatum to the US, it will fail. There is no place the US can hide or shy away from that ‘High Noon’ moment. From where I stand it doesn’t look like they are taking this at all seriously. Perhaps relying on their usual fork-tongued-snake-slippery-slithering to see them through what is in fact – whether they see it yet or not – a very dangerous moment for both themselves and their already sullied reputation on the global stage.

Having established this is all just a desperate diversion then, relatively speaking – I’m sure all the Kazakhs and friends are taking a very serious but dim view of it all, it is back to the waiting game. January 10 still seems to be a long way away to me. And with all the other dates around and following that date popping up with various other diversionary bookings, I suppose, for posterity’s sake, all the ‘t’s have to be crossed and all the ‘i’s dotted – and the whole situation become clear as crystal that no agreement will ever be reached on Russia’s demands. Before Russia can actually say (and hopefully will not need to say – although I still think the US and Co actually need a good smack-down to teach them they can no longer do what they like with impunity) – “This far and no more”. “You will now need to learn that we will get what we demand to ensure our national safety, with your agreement or not”. I would really like to see that happen – otherwise we will be back here to face the same situation again in a few years time. Which might turn out to be inevitable (a leopard and its spots thing) in any case – setting aside for the moment all other possible future impingements on human society which could render such to be impossible, without resorting to the use of sticks and stones.

So, we take a big sigh and settle down as comfortably as we can, to see what happens next.

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