Of Boogers, Bogeys and Purple-Heads

I would like to see some sort of internationally recognised awards for Best Innovative Use of Language.

If such awards there were, I would right now nominate for best Adjectivated Noun, used to great effect in the article linked below by Tom Luongo. I laughed long and repetitively on reading it last night and I am still chuckling this morning. I will honour my nomination as a quote…

“the screeching from unfuckable purple-heads

China Queues Up to Join the Davos Beatdown’ – Tom Luongo – Gold, Goats ‘N Guns

OK. So, what, you might say, does that have to do with China and Davos? And what is the appropriateness of an image of the dessicated, walking corpse of Soros, picking boogers (or bogeys, or several other similar derivatives) through a hole in the side of his rotting nasal cavity?

Well, you will have to read the piece if you want to know. I’m here to do a nomination not an explanation. Although I will say the article makes entertaining and insightful reading for not only these reasons.

Wow! I am getting a bit ‘Out There’ now, aren’t I? Maybe I will have to tone down my rhetoric a bit.

But not today …and maybe not until the ‘screeching unfuckable purple-heads’ do the same’.

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