“Another Year Over, And What Have We Done?”

As I write this, where I am it is 01/01/2023 (one of the few dates of that format which can be read correctly by Americans).

The Sun has set on 2022. Thank whatever goodness there is, for that.

But where does that leave us? Have we a future? Will 2023 be any different? Will there be a 2024 – with any of us still around to witness it?

The turning cogs of Time roll ceaselessly onward – at least for those of us living. Neither altering their pace nor turning backward – though there be times we may wish for that possibility, if only for a second or two.

And yet there are some recorders of time that can be reset, and have been reset in the past two months. Artificially of course, but what man has created – man can adjust – and will, often just to suit his own ends.

I am talking of the World Population Clocks, of which the Worldometers variety are a significant example. Let me explain.

I have, for some years now, kept record of population figures – mostly by the Worldometers clocks. My most recent snapshots were taken at midnight (local) one year ago today and at the exact mid-point of the year – July 2, 2022. There is a lot of reading there, so I will provide a few basic facts for brevity.

At mid-year, current world population was almost 7.96 billion; Annual births were a little over 70 million; Annual deaths were a little under 29.5 million. The net annual growth in population to that point (the difference between annual births and deaths) was therefore a little over 40.5 million.

So, all things being equal, we could expect to see an 8 billion population figure, perhaps bny the end of the year or in the first 2 weeks of 2023. That being based on an 81+ million increase arising from ~140 million births and ~59 million deaths.

This would be a continuation of some 50 years of correlated growth dating back to the ’70s of last century. No surprises or stretches of the imagination required to figure that out. And that was also the official picture – more or less – provided to us by more august agencies than myself.

However… (And oh, that’s a big ‘but’. Perhaps the biggest ‘but’ [one ‘t’, so no pun] you will ever see!).

Such consistency – which could have carried on for ever …well, until saturation (or early closure)… except the scenario didn’t fit into the ‘story’ which those who think they are in charge of human destiny (I can provide names if necessary) want us to be fed and indoctrinated into believing. Well, for at least until they have worked out what to do with us superfluous beings – the ‘disposal arrangements’, that is – since the COVID fraud did not live up to expectations (at least not yet) due to insufficient coverage. But that was only an early experiment (not the first of such though).

Another story-line was needed. Somebody realised (they are not a very bright bunch – but filthy rich) that the number of deaths from the current settings was never going to catch up – let alone overtake – the number of births.

Hence, less than 2 months ago, a massive recalibration of global population statistics was announced. You may have seen that (I wrote about it here – Breaking Down The Figures). This resulted in a declaration that the magic ‘8 billion’ was actually reached on November 15, 2022 – some 6-8 weeks before common sense would have expected it to do.

Are we just meant to swallow that in dumb acquiescence? Without a second thought as to how it could possibly have come about? Well, not this little black duck! [with deference to Looney Toons Daffy Duck] I’m all for questioning everything. It’s the only way to get answers.

So they came up with new figures. How’d they work that out? And does it all still add up to anything meaningful? Well, they needed to show that the population growth is slowing down. The old story, used for at least the last 2 decades, (that growth rate is decreasing) is becoming a bit threadbare since, while it is true, it is meaningless – since actual population numbers are consistently growing at a steady 81+ million every year (averaged over the past 50 years) – and even 2022 was expected to continue in that vein. That was plainly Verboten! Not to be tolerated! It must come down! So they decided that 67.5 million was a better figure (I said they were not very bright didn’t I). But how to reach that? They had to make the number of deaths much higher. People would be expecting that anyway – because of COVID …and perhaps even Ukraine(?) where more than a quarter of a million Ukrainian soldiers have perished and a few thousand Russians (not that any of that helps much). Previously, deaths were regularly around one third of births (both gradually rising). Deaths must be brought up to more than 50% the number of births in order to have any effect on totals. You can see that I hope, and plainly. That is the secret. The only way that population can slowly come down is if the deaths to births ratio gradually – or suddenly – increases (though a sudden increase would arouse suspicion – unless someone, some undesirable someone, could be blamed for a nuclear disaster, for instance). A gradual increase is favoured since suspicion should be avoided for as long as possible.

I could go on, but you see where this is leading, don’t you? And how it fits in with every suspicion that I – and you, I hope – are holding about current world affairs.

And that is why they have adjusted both births (downward by some 6 million [who would believe that – in less than 6 months?]) and deaths (upward by some 8 million – in the same 6 months???) for a net reduction of some 14 million in the total growth figure for the year to around 67 million (the number they first thought of – their ‘target number’). See the Worldometers midnight December 31, 2022 figures below.

If this situation, this adjustment is generally accepted, with little question or investigation, expect more outrageous anomalies in the future. It’s guaranteed.

And not only that, as scurrilous as it appears to be, but there are still no official annual figures issued for 2021. Why? They obviously do not fit the propaganda story we are meant to believe either. How could they possibly do that anyway? Lies, lies, and more lies. They think we are dumb. Well, many of us may well be that. But not this astute little black duck.

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