Universal Truth Time

Mankind, Homo Sapiens as we live and breathe, us, you and me (or you and I, to be more etiquetically precise), operate under a system of time-keeping known as Universal Time – a misnomer if ever there was one. Universal time or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is a time fixed and regulated by atomic clocks at a longtitudinal point on the Earth’s surface running north/south through the Greenwich Observatory in London, England, replacing what used to be known as Greenwich Mean Time (a slightly more reality driven nomenclature for the concept since it relates it to a particular place in the universe. It is a still an undisprovable fact that we, potentially (but not categorically) among all the homo species that have ever lived, are the only known species on the only known planet which has adopted [and regulated] the concept of ‘time’ anywhere in the universe).

Indeed, we only know of the concept of time by an accident of nature, since it relates to periods of sunlight or absence of sunlight (known to us as day/night) which, if our planet had been formed with a rotational axis perpendicular to the Sun (our stellar light source)…

[I am sorry to be spelling this out in such a fairly painstakingly simple way, because in this age of dumbing down of the human population there are probably folk who have never come to grips with these plain facts.]

…there would be no day/night sequence on this planet or any seasonal variation to climate conditions. Every living soul would be living in permanent daylight – since nothing can exist for long in permanent darkness and we would have no necessity for a concept such as ‘time’. The planet Uranus is an almost perfect example of such conditions (as far as we can tell). Look up ‘obliquity’ for more – or a fairly simple description of these facts can be found here: ‘Rotation Of Planets: Why Do Some Planets Rotate In Different Directions?’ – described in language most people would be able to understand (after non-English translation).

Anyway, all that was by way of an introduction to what I wanted to talk about today.

So, as I write this, no matter where you are in the world it will now be the year 2022, in which we will be another year older, another year wiser(?) and another year deeper in debt (at least collectively). And joining us over the past year in that less than ideal sublimity we have welcomed another 81.3 million net additional souls to add to the burden we place on the planet which sustains us, and to which we offer nothing in return – bringing our total living number to a little under 7.92 billion people.

As I usually do on the last night of an outgoing year, I sat watching the Worldometers clock tickers merrily accumulating, as is their wont, facts and figures pertinent to our global condition right up to the midnight hour (local to me). At which point they all reset for the start of a new day (as they do every day) and year (as they do every December 31), except for the continuously growing, never ending – but for the occasional adjustment every few years, as actual data reviews demand – counter of the total number of living humans.

A few other of the counters of course, also never reset, simply going up or down in accordance with the data. Some are merely speculative, such as the amount of oil or coal remaining in the ground, but on the whole the population related counters can be viewed as being the most accurate indicators of human population statistics to be found anywhere. The facts they present cannot be hidden, as are the practices such data is almost universally subject to in other forms of statistically manipulated forums and data storage facilities. For example, it is almost impossible to get a figure for global deaths from anywhere for the year 2020 at this stage, and I doubt the 2021 figures will be admitted any time soon. Because they would show and reveal the official lies the people of the world have for those years especially been told about a supposed deadly pandemic which we have been governmentally required to be subject to monstrously destructive and outrageously restrictive practices over the last two years. For what reason?

The figures from worldometers for the last two years have shown there has been no increase at all in the overall number of global deaths among humans. So, what has all the pandemic fuss, ruining lives and incomes and creating an atmosphere of fear and complicity among many, if not most, folks everywhere, been about? In fact the global annual death figures for those years have been perhaps marginally lower than normal during a trend of marginally rising (as the population increases) expectations. And that can be easily proven, from past statistics (see my post from July 1, 2021 – The Real Story Behind Population Decline Expectations).

Note: Confirming my previous statement, I just found a UN projected global death count for 2020 (made in 2019) of some 59.23 million (follow the ‘Our World in Data’ links in my earlier post above). Neither 2020 nor 2021 have come close to that projected figure. Go figure.

Here are the images I took last night. The first about 15 seconds to midnight and the second about 15 seconds post-midnight (just to show the clocks had reset).

So, with 140 million births last year (higher than officially projected) and less than 59 million deaths (lower than officially projected), and our now 5 decade long average of producing 80+ million new people each and every year (1 billion every 11+ years), is our situation vis-a-vis ‘over-population’ issues improving, or not?

Such a question does not deserve any further answer from me. You work it out. You who will need to live through the consequences of that (should you not perish earlier by other potential means threatening our fragile existence).

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  1. Time is an interesting thing really. Some say time started when the big bang happened as that is when everything came into existence. Yet if time is unobserved then is it real? The keeping of time is strange due to the fact that it a measurement proscribed by humans for humans.
    Nice article with some good points raised.

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