Breaking Down the Figures…

In my previous post today…

…I mentioned there are some interesting possibilities emerging from the news that we have already reached a global human population of 8 Billion souls.

Let’s start with the simple things. Like, why now? …and, what does it mean that this milestone has been reached earlier than previously forecast? …and, how did this happen?

Actually, these are not really simple things, and they may all be woven together – perhaps for a purpose. So, can we work out what that purpose may be, who is behind it, and how it was done? I don’t honestly know, but let’s see where some thoughts may lead us.

Better begin with some facts that we can reasonably rely on as a basis for thought.

First, there is a need to know how many people there are, at all levels of human society. It aids in planning. And planning, at least at its most basic, is there to avoid chaos and/or waste. So, in general it is a good thing to have plans, and therefore to be able to count things, and to project into the future what the needs may be in order to avoid chaos down the road a ways. There is no need to do any of this in secret. So we devise ways to be able to show, to everybody, how things are going. So that we all, or those who are interested at least, can keep themselves informed and have some confidence that everything is happening as it should be – while at the same time placing trust in those involved in steering progress and enabling all of it to happen smoothly. That is all in an ideal world of course. In practice, all kinds of gremlins can throw spanners into the works, and they do. But if enough of us are keeping an eye on what goes on in our world, and we have a right to do that, wherever we live, then deviations or fluctuations ion the pattern can be spotted, and alarms raised. Isn’t that exactly how the world works? At least in recent times. It hasn’t been possible to do much of that in earlier times, but do we trust the ‘official’ watchers and operators enough to not keep a watch over their work ourselves? As time passes, and systems become ever more complex, evil operators tend to rise to positions where they can influence, steer, and even sabotage, perhaps perfectly wise plans, to be something detrimental to the general good, but generous to their own situations. It would now be a truly naïve view that does not take such possibilities into account.

OK, I think we get the gist of that. How does that apply to what we are discussing? Well, if we think about it for a while (you can do that in your own time) the reasons for manipulation of population statistics are innumerable. How do we detect that? We look for anomalies in the data and we check the integrity of statements on the subject. So, while in the field of global population statistics it is normal to make adjustments from time to time, as individual sources correct the record due to late or inaccurate data recording. The previous widely known one was in 2019 so it seems to be a little early to be doing another adjustment only three years or so later, unless for a particular reason revolving around some dramatic event, or one which some may like to be thought of as dramatic. Does COVID qualify? Well, we haven’t so far seen any anomaly in the data, but there has been no actual data officially issued covering the Births/Deaths for 2021 and only recently did Worldometers add 2020 data.

2020 was, you may recall, the first real year of COVID and, while the figures of cases and deaths were at first alarming, they were dwarfed in the second half of that year, following the introduction of medically engineered (with new technology), so-called ‘vaccines’ which have now been revealed to have been so engineered to dramatically increase casualty rates – not from the originally introduced disease (which was relatively harmless – no more dangerous that the ‘flu’ it replaced) but from its purported preventative and shield – the genetically engineered mRNA chemical soup erroneously (and criminally so) described COVID ‘vaccine’. Even with all the panic and turmoil throughout H2/2020, the whole of 2021, and continuing, with reduced pandemonium but increased (again) numbers through much of 2022, there were no data anomalies for 2020 (check worldometers – it was a perfectly normal year [~140 million Births, ~60 million deaths, ans an expected net growth of 81.3 million to the population total. And that is all based on nationally submitted regular data from all the nations on earth. No room for cheating – although it was withheld for long enough beyond normal. Although it is normally divulged early the next year, not late the following year. Ok, you could argue that the circumstanced were not ‘normal’, so I won’t press on that.

But, now here’s the tricky part. 2021 data is now ‘late’ in publication. Why? Doubly so, when figures for 2022 have already been revealed (stated, but not tabulated, I should add) And the year hasn’t even ended yet! The following statement appears now under the heading of ‘Growth Rate’ in the Worldometers Global Population page…

Population in the world is, as of 2022, growing at a rate of around 0.84% per year (down from 1.05% in 2020, 1.08% in 2019, 1.10% in 2018, and 1.12% in 2017). The current population increase is estimated at 67 million people per year.

emphaisis as appears in original

Two things on that statement. First ‘current population increase is estimated at 67 million people per year‘. For the last 50 years now we have seen an average annual population increase of more than 80 million people per year (outliers being greater than 90 million in the ’90s down to 75 million in the early ’70s). For that steady average (the highest it has been in all human history) to now suddenly drop over just 2 years (we have not yet been told what the figure was for 2021) represents a data anomaly which stretches the imagination to the point of incredulity.

And how is that worked out? Since it represents around, or at least, a 20% drop in growth rate (in 2 years) we must know how that is worked out …and we do. It is simply the difference between births and deaths. And we do not know the figures for the first year, also, the second year has not yet ended – so we must estimate. But we do not have to estimate – take a look at the following graph image. It is taken from the UN Summary paper (page 27).

What information can we glean from these data plots. Well, ignore the left image, which merely tells us that the population is expected to keep growing from 8 billion (the dashed line) until the third quarter of the century, when it will plateau. Exactly as authorities predict, as a source of comfort to a worried world (if it were true). The right hand image is the one we are interested in. Enlarge it for better viewing (a simple click will do).

We have there the known past (solid lines) and the unknown future (dashed lines) in terms of global births (purple) and deaths (red). Apparently we know much less about the future of births than we do of deaths – which seem to be in a very narrow band of future possibilities. If I were a suspicious person, which I am, I would suspect that might just be because much more planning has been spent on the future of deaths than that of births. Which in some macabre way seems quite amusing. Especially when it is realised that allowance has been made for the possibility that deaths may never catch up with births. I think a Smiley is called for here…

But, all that aside, we come now to the second point I want to make about the already suspicious growth of only some 67 million folk in the current year. Do you see the anomalous deaths over the years 2021/22? The sharp rise and slight fall at the end of the solid red line. And also to some extent the anomalous births over the same period (though in the case of births, the line does tend to oscillate quite a bit around the 140 million mark since 1980, and the 21/22 plotted points do lie within that oscillation). Is that a subterfuge to give credence to the expected fall in births, or a convenient foil to the more logical position that births will (along with the general expectation that population continues to rise) actually rise in line with the general trend (more women, more mothers, more births).

Back to the point on deaths. You can see from this graph, and it is better shown in others I have shared in the past, that deaths have been slowly rising (another logical expectation) over many years, recently reaching the high millions in the fifties range and tending towards 60 million annually. 2020 did not alter that trend in any way, the figures show (otherwise we would not have seen an 81.3 million net rise in population that year). And yet the unpublished figures for 21/22 show a remarkable jump to somewhere in the high sixties (or even 70 million for 2021). Are those figures justifiable? Well, yes, I think they are – but not to COVID (which I am sure we will be told is the culprit). A large number of excess deaths are now being reported as being due to vaccine related and vaccine caused deaths and injuries leading to death. I will not accept that COVID has been the cause of these perturbations, since it is known that none of the variants – at least the original and early variants (pre-vaccine) were any more dangerous to life than the normal flu which they largely replaced. All the huge onslaught of death and injury leading to death (have occured, along with the variants said to be responsible for that, since the introduction of COVID vaccinations). There is a correlation there which cannot be denied.

Well, I would like to say more but I think there is enough said to make the points I wanted to make. And then there is the question as to what we are going to do with 8 billion folk, all clamouring for their own fair share of the same cake – which never increases in size – except by sleight-of-hand, and that at best only temporarily. But that is another question, best left for another day.

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